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A new week and more exciting photos from around the world.  Last week's photos were absolutely incredible.  I had more comments on those than ever.  So, I hope these measure up to those from last week, and I think they do.  These photos come from all over the world, once again, and it just makes me realize what a beautiful planet we live on.

First of all, I want to make a correction on a photo I published as Photo of the week on October 8th, and October 15th.  I published this same picture two weeks in a row.  I gave photo credit to Siyong Lee.  That photo was found on his facebook page.  But, the photo credit and photo was actually taken by Jessica Drossin.  I feel the need to re-post this photo again with the proper photo credit.  I have fixed the photos in the previous posts with her name on them now.  
Proper photo credit:  Jessica Drossin

For the protection of the photographer and for myself, my guidelines and rules for posting photos on the weekly "Photos of the Week" are posted down at the bottom of this blog.  Please read carefully to all photographers.  Once again, my appologies to Jessica Drossin for not going the proper steps in making sure that photo was yours.  



Photo credit:  RJ RIJIN

Photo credit: Lincoln Harrison

Photo Credit:  Philip Male

Photo Credit:  Lorena Canizalez

Photo Credit: Jurica Lenard

Photo Credit:  Philip Esterle


THat is this week's "photos of the week".  Absolutely great, great stuff.  Congratulations to all the above photographers.  YOur talent is greatly appreciated and now to be shared by many.


Don't miss my blog on next Monday, when we talk about the importance of taking care of your equipment.  It is so overlooked in the world of photography, and I feel the need to spend some time talking about that.  See you Monday!!


**Guidelines for choosing the Photos of the week:  This is to protect both the photographer and me, the publisher of "Photos of the Week".  It has come to my attention that there are photos that are posted on many places that the photographers names are not mentioned.  So, as a rule, I will not publish a photo unless there is a specific mention of who the photographer is.  If you post a bunch of photos under your name, it will not be published unless that specific photo says that you took that photo.  If you post that you are the photographer of all the photos listed on Facebook, or some other source, then I may verify first that the photo in question is actually yours.  I know that Photography is an art, and so, I want to make sure that the proper credit goes to the artist.  Sometimes it takes  years to master the art of great photos, and I am the first to recognize that the artist should get credit for that work.  So, please be aware that I will only post photos that are clearly the work of the artist.  Any mislabeling is not my fault and is not my intention to publish it without proper credit.  If any question on this, please contact me at:
Thank you.

Monday, October 26, 2015


(and other holiday photos)
Ahh, here it is, Halloween.  An interesting holiday if you live here in Northern America.  If you do not, it is probably a hard holiday to understand.  But, now it has become one of North Americas 2nd most popular holiday next only to Christmas.  Only Christmas has more money spent per household than this Halloween holiday.  And it seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  Parties, and even grown-ups are becoming more involved in this holiday than ever before.  And as you can imagine, more opportunities to take pictures.  

Years ago when I took a photography class from the New York Institute of Photography, they spent some time specifically on this subject, or this type of subject in general.  There are 3 things that make picture taking work right for this type of holiday, or 3 questions you have to ask yourself:
1- What is the subject of the photograph?
2- How can I focus attention on that subject?
3- How can I simplify the subject?

Let's get into some examples:

What is the subject of this photo?  Is it the girl?  No, it is the teeth!  Aren't you focused on those teeth?  Yes?  Is it a simple picture, and no distractions in the background?  Yes?  So, all three of those questions are clearly met.  

The three Guidelines are only part of the story on how to get great Halloween photos.  The Second key, really, is to get into the "spirit" of Halloween.  Halloween is about fantasy, fear, the supernatural, the eerie.  The best thing you can do to make your Halloween photos even more dramatic is to use good, dramatic lighting.  Since this seems to be a nightime event, and the ghouls are out for this holiday, it often means the lighting just has to be eerie, itself.  Takes some great practice to get just the best effect, too. 

Now, because we are talking about taking pictures at nightime, in the dark, do you forsee any problems?   Ohhh, having worked at a camera store before, and seeing the pictures come in and so many disappointed people with their Halloween pictures, let me warn you now, the number one problem?  Flash pictures will just take the effect away.  So, shooting in the dark without flash is the best, but, it is hard when your camera is screaming at you that you need the flash.  For sure, it's even harder when your little boy is dressed in black and it is pitch black outside.  So, figure some light that you can use to highlight the subject to give it some definition so you can still see what is going on with your subject:

See how in this photo there is just enough lighting to highlight the subjects and tell the story, yet, keep it very interesting.  

But, of course, more than any other photo that is taken at Halloween is just all the cute kids that are dressed up in their costumes, ready to go "trick or treating" to all their neighbor's homes.  You have to get some photos of the kids.  I am just going to include a few ideas of some of the great photos of some of these type of photos.  Using what we have learned above, see if these follow those rules:

So, the idea with Halloween, is learn to be creative, have a lot of fun, but, you do have to take some great photos. 


So, this coming Thursday, once again, is the weekly "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK".  I have already collected the photos, and they are outstanding once again.  You will just have to check them out.  I will make a note on the rules and criteria for Photos of the week.  It has come to my attention of some legal things I need to be aware of, so, I will bring that up then as well.  
Next Monday, don't miss:  Care for your camera and equipment.  More important than you think.  A subject that is overlooked too much, and needs to have some special attention.

Until next time.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


OCTOBER 22nd, 2015

Here is this weeks "Photos of the Week" found throughout the world.  Great photographers, either pro of great amateurs just doing what they love.  A collection of photos that truly inspire the will in all of us to be better photographers.  No special theme, just great photos for you to enjoy.


Photo credit:  Mustafa Ilhan

photo credit:  Robert Weber

Photo credit:  Carsten Meyerdierks

Photo credit: Muy Ne

Photo Credit:  Judy Lynn Malloch /

Photo Credit:  Sasin Tipchai


Congratulations to this weeks winners.  What beautiful photos.  And as you can tell, from all over the world, and all so different, and all just incredible.  We look forward to next weeks photos, and I will be looking for the next great photos.  Hope this was inspiring for all of you.


Sunday, October 18, 2015



So, you take lots of photos with your cell phone, or pocket camera.  There are many here reading this who are a little more professional who take lots of professional photos as well.  This week I would like to introduce you to some of the things you can do with all those photos you take.  

Years ago, when all there was was film cameras, it seemed that people were exposed (no pun intended) to the different services that was available to people who took pictures.  But, what about now?  You have a camera, and you store all your photos on your cell phone, or small camera, download them on your computer, or share them on Facebook or Twitter, and that is about all you do with your photos now.  

I think we are missing the potential of this hobby or this profession, if you want.  There are so many things you can do with your photos that will help you to love the photos you have even more.  Have you ever been into a place that offers photo services lately?  It is incredible what they can do now.  Compared to the times when they had to use chemicals to develop the film, and then when they did enlargements and run the paper through chemistry as well, the prices of the services have dropped tremendously, so, we can enjoy these services even more.  Here are some examples:

Now, I am going to give an example of a local store's prices, so, they could vary from location to location.  This is just an example.  But, remember in the old days of film how much these things cost.  Also, remember the sizes are in inches, not in centimeters (America just hasn't caught on to the metric system yet).  

Size       Today               Before with film (approx)
3X5          .09 cents                     .29 cents
4X6          .15                              .36
5X7          .65                              1.50
8X10         2.00                            4.50
11X14        4.50                            11.95
16X20        20.00                           40.00
20X30        29.00                           45.00
36X48        47.00                           N/A
40X60        75.00                           N/A

Plus, look what you can do with your enlargements for just a minimal charge.  You can have them mounted on canvas, metal, and canvas wrapped.  So many times we go into stores and buy photos to put on our walls.  STOP.  Put your own photos on your wall.  You can do it.  It is not that much more anymore.  It will mean so much more if you are putting your own photos on the wall.

And now, pick 12 of your favorite photos and make your own calendar.  Start planning that now.  Get your own collection and make your own personal calendar, and have it ready by the end of the year.  Take it into a local photo services shop and have it done.

 If  you have your own business, you can make your own banners or signs.  I know in our area, there is a photo business that takes photos and applies those photos to automobiles for advertising.  So, your photos will enlarge very nicely now. 
Photo greeting cards, Christmas Cards, birthday cards, announcement cards.  You can personalize your own cards with photos that you have taken.  This just makes photography so much more fun now.

And for the serious photographer, put your photos in a book.  If you just went on vacation, put the whole vacation in a book, hardbound, good forever.  You can customize your books so that it looks professional now, and usually, you can create it yourself in the right type of store.  

You just have to search for a store that offers photo services for digital photography.  And you will have so much more fun with your pictures.  

For those of you who have the old film-type pictures still kicking around the house, you can have them all converted to digital.  Usually they will put up to 400 images on a DVD for you for a minimal charge, and then you can view them as you would any other type of digital image.  So, get your old photos digitized and get them off Facebook too.  Hehe.


So, hope you get inspired to do something with your photos so you can personally enjoy them even more.  There is so many things you can do with them now.  Much more than we ever had before.  

A reminder of "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK"  this coming Thursday.  I already have the most beautiful pictures from around the world.  You should just be excited to see them.  I am excited to just find these.  It inspires me to go take pictures like this.


Next Monday, for those who celebrate Halloween, we will have a special edition of "how to take great Halloween Photos".  A lot of different lighting situations and fun things go on for Halloween, so, hopefully, you will enjoy this one. 

See you Each Thursday, and Monday.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


OCTOBER 15TH, 2015


This week I want to put out on this week's edition, some real special portraits I have found, searching for the PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.  I search all week for photos, and often run into some real great portraits.  Some are obviously professional photos, but, these are just unique enough to make you go.... ahhhh!  That is really good.  So, with that in mind, let's introduce you to 5 of this week's PHOTOS of the week:

Photo credit:  Siyong Lee

Photo credit:  Jessica Drossin

Photo Credit:  unsure

Photo credit:  Waste time

Photo Credit:  Tricia Toker Photography


As we look at each of these portraits, the thing that strikes me is how each picture captures the character of each person.  Also, the composition is taken into account with each photo.  Simply stunning portraits.  All worthy of PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.   Hope you enjoyed them.

See you Monday for a special edition on "tips of Photography"  and how to take better pictures.


Sunday, October 11, 2015



This is a subject that plagues a lot of photographers.  Sometimes, you get carried away in taking the pictures, that you are so focused on the subject, that you forget that the camera still sees everything.  And then when you get your picture, you see there is something wrong with their head !!  OH NO, SHE HAS A TREE GROWING OUT OF HER HEAD  !!!  YIKES !  And then you say, I don't remember seeing that.  So, that is what I hope we accomplish in this subject today.  When you take pictures of people, WATCH the background very carefully.  It will involve just moving a few feet to get the better picture too, that is all it takes.


But, sometimes it goes beyond the trees, it goes into the home.  What is in the background of where you are shooting.  I know, isn't this an adorable child?  Isn't the room messy?  Some people won't care.  Some people will never have that hanging on the wall with all the clutter in the background.  So, just move somewhere where there is not so much stuff in the background.  Then you could have the perfect picture.  I have seen pictures where the rooms are so much worse than this.  The rooms have clothes all over the floor, the closet doors are open, curtains have been partially torn, etc.  It is crazy how awful a picture can turn out when the background is so awful. 

I thought this was good for the serious photographer.  Use a plain background.  I know some photographers who carry a black piece of velvet in their camera bag, just for putting that in the background of their photos.  Check out some of the close up photos of flowers you have seen posted on this blog.  Some of them have been breathtaking, because they have been shot with a total black background.  That is because the photographer had his own backdrop. It's a great idea.  Control your own backdrop on close-ups if you can.

The trees don't always go up.  Look at the background as a whole.  That poor person has had a tree rammed through his ears, I think.  You seriously have to watch the background in all directions, and it's effect on the subject.

Now, this is a different distraction.  But, important if you are taking portraits.  Watch the jewellery.  It's probably not all that bad, but, it is not hanging right on her, and it distracts from the photo.  I remember taking portraits as a professional and constantly watching the jewellery.  Make sure they are hanging right, and they are where they should be.  And if the person wants them to be a part of the picture. 

And finally, the biggest problem to watch out for is lighting distractions.  Here it appears, in the camera, that all is well.  A plain background, but, those spot lights are overwhelming in the end.  They flare out, and sometimes interfere with the subjects.  You really have to watch out for everything.  Light is something that can always be your enemy if you are not careful. 

So, that is this weeks tip.  Make sure you watch closely as you take your pictures, that you look through your whole frame.  See the background, foreground, around your subjects, and if that all looks good, then go ahead and make it look spectacular.  You can do it by practice, practice, practice.  Photography is an art.  And no one becomes good at it without practice.


Next weeks subject:  It will be a surprise.  I have something up the sleeve, so, watch out for it.  It should be fun.  But, in two weeks, for those who celebrate the wicked holiday of Halloween, we will give some special tips on how to take some good Halloween photos.  


Don't miss this coming Thursday's edition of "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK".  I have found a special selection of portraits, that I think I have found to be just incredible.  I know you will enjoy them and you, too, will be inspired. 

Thanks for your readership.  


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Photos of the Week
October 8th, 2015
"Special Edition"

What is this all about?  This Special Edition issue?  I am celebrating this week the big number 1000 !!!  This blog has been on line since August 1st, and we just hit our 1000th page view!  That is a big milestone, that we hit that number in such a short time.  So, in celebration, I am putting together a special "Photos of the Week" edition.  Normally, I submit only 5 photos each week, but, this week, I am putting out 10 photos.  BUT, I am going to highlight 2 photographers who have posted to the world some of the most beautiful photos I have seen.  The content, I think, deserved a special edition, highlighting just these two special photographers.  So, with that in mind, here we go:

These first 5 photo credits goes to:
Siyong Lee:

Photo credit for the above photo:  Jessica Drossin


The next 5 photo credits goes to:
Iveta Duricova Sinkova

Congratulations to these two photographers for making this weeks "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK"!!

Just a reminder to check back on every Monday for another subject on how to improve your own photography.  This coming Monday:  Watching out for what's in the background of your photos.  And then, next Thursday, another edition of "Photos of the Week"


Thank you all for being my photographer friends.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at:

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Candid Portraiture

Unconventional or Candid portraits compared to professional Portraits are two totally different things.  Professional portraits are staged, or brought into a studio or an outdoor setting and with staged lighting, usually.  But, candid portraits are just that, candid.   They are just pictures taken sometimes without the person knowing it, or while they are just in their own environment, not really posed but just caught in the moment.  But, when you get that picture you look at it and say, "ahh, now that is truly how this person should be remembered".  The easiest candid photos are the pictures of children.  They are just playing, or doing something, and you snap the camera of them doing something that will always be remembered, and usually worth hanging on the wall.  

Candid photos can also be taken of the person at their work.  Sometimes nothing tells about a person more than catching them at what they do for their livelihood.  What do they do all day?  Well, capturing a moment of what they do, will mean something to their posterity more, than a regular portrait.

And then there is the bridal pictures.  When the pictures are taken of the big day for the bride and groom, you know what touches the heart of the bride when she looks back at the big day?  It is not the pictures of her, but, the pictures of the event, and who was there and things that took place at the event.

Then, as you look for opportunities to take pictures of people, pictures that would be good enough to hang on the wall, remember this:  look for something that tells a story about that person.  Here are several pictures that just tell a story of that person, that are just storytelling, compelling photos.

These 3 photos above are photos that just show the personality of the persons.  It shows who they really are.  It just makes you know them, doesn't it.  It takes a certain skill to capture people this way.  So, get to know your family, friends and loved ones and take pictures of them that show their personality.  I chuckle a little bit, as I walked through a cemetery today and noticed the gravestone of one of the people there, and it had the animated character of "Grumpy" from the Walt Disney show:  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and I thought, it would be interesting to know the deceased person, because even as they laid his body in the grave, he was known as "Grumpy".  Can you capture the personality of a friend or loved one as they truly are?  And that is the challenge you have doing candid photography.  Doing professional photography, you usually try to mask who they really are, and candid photography captures the true element of the personality of the person.  So, there is your challenge.  Go, make it happen.


Don't miss this week's PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.  This is now one of the more popular blogs on the internet, and I literally go hunting for good photos.  If you are posting your photos on the Facebook, or on some photography website, I may find it and it may become the PHOTO OF THE WEEK.  I really have a lot of fun searching for these, and I now get a lot of pageviews or hits on this now, much more than I thought I would get.  So, look for that every Thursday.

A fun announcement for those who are really following this blog:  I have been doing this now for just over 2 months.  This has really been fun to do for me, and my readership has continued to grow, and grow.  I have several places now in which to find this blog.  And this week I will pass over 1000 pageviews for this  blog.  Which I think is amazing for a blog to have that many hits in just this short of time.  So, thank you so much for your support.  I forsee this as being a big website for people to come to for instruction, and for viewing pleasant photos of real winning photos.  So, once again, thank your for your support and, please pass this on to your friends and family who love photography.
Next Monday's subject:  WATCH OUT FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT !!  You will understand when you read next weeks photos, but, you have probably seen those pictures of people with trees growing out of their heads?  That is what we will be talking about.   See you then!!!