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  Here we go again.  The 4th in this series.  And each one gets better.  This one has taken, seriously, a long time to put together.  Contacting all the photographers to make sure I have permission to use their photos, and to make sure I have found 22 of the most incredible Black and White Photos that are out there RIGHT NOW.  Black and White is evolving into such a great art, it truly needs a place to showcase these great artists.  Details, as much as possible of the photo, and the photographer are outlined with each photo that is posted.  Please take your time and enjoy, and please contact each photographer individually to congratulate them on their great artistic talents.

How do we judge these photos for display:
  1. Does the photo look better in black and white than color?  Or as good as color.  Then it is a winner.
  2. Is there good contrast between black and white, and have nice grey tones?  If it seems to have a lot of just grey tones, it won't make it.  We are looking for good contrast
  3. Is the photo interesting?  Would you hang it on the wall?  Or is it something that will bring a conversation to a group of people?
  4. If it is a portrait of a person, the contrast has to be good, but, there has to be certain grey tones to make it look amazing in black and white, almost better looking than color.
  5. Rules of composition are still taken into consideration heavily.  Although, we understand that rules are meant to be broken.  We will take that under consideration if it is that good.


Congratulations to Jukka Pinonummi‎ . This photo was selected as the cover of the week of the group and of the page. Selected from the Street Level Photography - Group
A very peaceful setting and one that you realize was taken to create a specific mood.  A great photo, and I 
think could only be done in black and white.  Great job.  Details 
of the photo:   It's taken at 03.11.2013 in Finland Porvoo. I take it Canon EOS550D+Canon 85/1.8 lens, 85mm- f/4-1/320s-ISO400.
For more information about Jukka Pinonummi, go to his website at:

Photo by:  Jiten Bhagat From the Group:   Life in black and white
Just the right amount of  contrast on this photo to make it really a fun photo.  An interesting photo as well. 
Certainly you can see that this is one you could see hanging on the wall for a conversation piece.
A great shot by Jiten Bhagat.
For more information about Jiten Bhagat 

Photo by:  Jim Miller - Life in Black and White
Titled:  "The End of the Dance"
And when I first saw this photo, it caught my eye with the stars in the background.  And then I see the dancers there all 
in a dreamy type floor.... obviously the stage, and it just makes you feel like you just saw the most incredible dance
of the century.  A great photo by a great photographer.  Jim Miller, you caught a great moment in history, 
at least for you, and now for us.

Photo by Subhasish Bhattacharya
Normally, I don't get too excited about adding people pictures in a black and white presentation, but, there
are certain exceptions for sure.  For some reason, older people who show their labors in life, and their interesting
character, are just more fascinating in black and white than in color.  Congratulations to Subhasish Bhattacharya
for capturing this photo.  

Photo by:  Neil Hulme
A well known bridge, done in Black and White.  Do you miss the color on this one?  I don't.  When you
ask the question as to whether or not this would be better in color or black and white, then in this case, Mr. Hulme has done an outstanding job of making sure, with the contrast, and capturing the weather just right, and the light just right, this was a perfect black and white photo.  In fact, a winning photo in my book.  Amazing picture.
He specializes in Long Exposure photography, and often runs workshops on this art as well.
Go to his main Facebook page to learn more about Neil Hulme:

Photo by Raquel Salas
Art of shodo: peace, beauty, meditation, relaxation, matter and spirit.
Raquel has a great eye for catching "still life" and really seeing black and white in this shot.  Japanese writing, Kanji character writing is an art into itself and to get the right exposure on all of this is also what makes this so great.
This particular presentation was done on a website in conjunction with her photographer friend Jugurtha Art Photography
in a special website entitled  J& R Art, in which every photo on their website contained a photo of hands.  What a great
challenge.  Check it out:
Raquel has other websites as well:
Her main website:
Thank you Raquel for your friendship and your great personality.

Photo by Maria Palazi Penasse Photoworld
Maria has a unique of seeing the world.  In black and white, sometimes looking at scenery and putting it in black
and white sometimes is hard.  But this one is perfect for black and white because the trees are casting their
shadows all through the forest, it just catches your eyes..... and then you notice a couple walking along
the path.  So artistic.  I loved how that would look in a huge print.  I took a look at some of her other photos and
you will only fall in love with this artist.  Check her out at:
Or her main website:

Photo by Howard Rollinson
Salford Townhall
Wait, you say, this doesn't look black and white.  But, yes, it is.  With a Sepia Tone to it.  And many years ago
as black and white was in it's infancy, black and white photos, rarely came out black and white, but had this
Sepia tone to it.  This just makes it come out looking more like it was about 150 years old.  Now, Howard, if you look through his collection of photos, you will find that he is quite a photographer of old buildings and historic sites.
This makes this one even more impressive because it is one old Townhall building, but to put a vignette around it
just gives this photo even more character.  I think this photo is amazing like this, and a great art subject.
Thank you Howard for doing this photo this way.  Brings back the old Black and White
the way it used to be.  Brings back some old memories for those who have been around a while.
For more of Howard's great work, go to his website:

All Walt Whitman Quote.  Maybe this is why I've always preferred shooting in black and white.
Walt Whitman

Photo by Balazs Toro
From the group:  Street Level Photography.
This is a unique group of artists that have taken to the street to find a way to create everyday life
into magnificent black and white photos.  I am not even sure what is going on in this photo, but, the contrast,
the subject material, and the presentation of the material, makes for a winning photo.  In fact this photo was chosen
as one of the winning photos for the Group:  Street Level Photography.
Mr. Balazs Toro is a self taught photographer that has mastered the ART of BLACK AND WHITE very well.  He has
several different website links that you should check out to see this master at work:

Thank you for your great artistic talents

Photo by:  Tom Plevnik
From the Group:  Street level Photography
I looked at this photo and thought:  "how come I have never thought of this before?"  What a perfect
shot of shadows.  And Shadows are perfect subjects for black and white if used right.  And this photo was
captured at just the right time and angle.  The shadow looks perfectly in proportion.  Amazing photo.
Tom Plevnik is one photographer who really specializes in Street Photography.  If you go to his website
you will find one artist who has made a niche in this art.  Congratulations Tom for making it in
this issue as well.  Check out his website here:

Photo by Don White
Don White has captured a landscape photo that is phenomenal in black and white.  True, winter photos are
probably the best for black and white, I believe, because you have so much "white" already, but, put this amount of
contrast in your photos can only be done by being there at the right time of day.  Look at the shadows cast by every snow ball.  Or whatever these are.  This is truly an amazing shot of nature.  And with the passing storm in the background, makes it a perfect photo.
Don is a professional Nature Photographer, has been for many years.  He has a good amount of equipment, and knows how
to use it to his advantage.  He is willing to get up at the right time of day to get the perfect photos, and that is what it often takes to be a good landscape photographer.
Please take a moment and visit his websites:

Photo coutesy of:  Rain Photos
This photo found on a website on Facebook titled: RAIN PHOTOS.  It seems it hasn't had much action in some
time, and no specific photographer is mentioned.  Sometimes Facebook Like pages are set up to be a "community" page
and photographers can post photos, without their name recognition.  But, that's too bad, because this is an amazing photo
that shows perfect exposure of a street at night, reflections in the puddles after a rain.  Great detail
in the streets, there is just such detail in this, it leaves you to look through this whole photograph.  It's an
amazing photo that should be recognized.

Photo by Pedro Grilo Photography
Titled:  Far Away
It seems to me that Black And White Photos seem to be really pleasing photos when there is a misty or foggy type
background.  And this one just adds a touch of romance or softness to the photo that makes this one special.  Pedro Grilo
has a nice touch in using good composition, and story lines to this photo.  I really thought this was a winning photo
for sure.
Pedr Grilo has been a unique touch to photography that I really like.  If you go to his website, you will
see an amazing assortment of photographs from all over that are outstanding photos.
Please go to his website and check out his photos at:

Photo by Elisabeth Engels
Usually, not too many portraits or people photos make it to the main photo pages of this front page, but
I seem to have found a few that have just caught my eye this time.  This one by Elisabeth has the touch of a great
photo.  This one just looks great in black and white.  The whispy veil or cloth in front of this beautiful
girl just add to the softness of the photo.  It was caught at just the right time and truly makes for a remarkeable
Elisabeth Engels is one of those photograpers who just takes hundreds of photos every day.  She is well known in
several photography groups including:  STREET LEVEL PHOTOGRPAHY,  BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHIC ART,
For more of her great work, go to her websites:

200+ Beautiful Black and White Photography Ideas
Photo Courtesy of and Pinterest / Black & White
This photo was one of those posted on Pinterest but no name was ever
posted as the photographer.  But, it is certainly worth it.  The lighting on this makes it
the perfect black and white, but notice the artist cropped the photo so just the right
amount of photo is showing to get the effect that they want.  It is a long and skinny photo.
Nothing wrong with that, but, it certainly is a great photo.

Photo Courtesy of and Pinterest / Black & White
Some places are hard to get the real photographers name, but,
whatever the case is, I have to acknowledge this amazing photo of a Great White Own
with the dark background.  A great black and White photo with the composition
done so nicely.  Searching all sources of where we could
find fantastic B&W photos we can find great photos in great places,
like Pinterest.

Photo by:  A Leplesch
Posted on Pinterest
This is a perfect photo for black and white, and I love the meaning of this photo:  the unity of black and white
people in a close hand bonding.  A great way to show unity in mankind.
This is a photo that has deep meaning and works amazing perfect in black and white.
Congratulations to this photographer for sharing it on Pinterest and making it a public photo.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
This is one of the "new" Black and White" style of photos that are out there now.  Do you like it?
I know it is not entirely 100% Black And White, but this new idea of coloring just a couple of
things in color on a black and white photo is something new in the black and white world.
It is an interesting idea, but, takes a special computer program to make this happen.  I think it is
something that belongs to black and white more than color, so, I thought it should be posted here.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Black and white photos are often big because they play with shadows sometimes.  This photo is a perfect
photo that tells a story because it totally plays with the shadows.  Often, people are trying to tell smokers
that cigarettes are deadly and this is one photo that can certainly tell you all about it by just the
shadows alone.  A clever photo done really well because it is black and white.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
There is a lot of things that make this photo so perfect in Black And White.  Notice the light
outline around the wolf that just highlights the wolf.  The breath of the wolf is lit up
because of the backlight.  The whole thing is just cleverly done.  Would it have worked in
color?  I think so.  But, it works really well in black and white as well.  That's what
makes this such a great photo.  I can see this one hanging on some wall, and
being a very popular photo.  Good subject and perfect in some cabin, right?

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
This photo is the perfect black and white photo and shows the perfect contrast between light and shadows.
This photo is fascintating and everyone who has been in an old attic just is drawn to this type of
photo.  An amazing photo with the perfect use of light and shadows.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
This photo is almost on the bizarre side of life.  A great macro shot.  What color is the eye?  In this case, who cares?
To get a shot like this, it is more amazing to see that close into the eye.  Such great detail, and to see the reflection
in the eyeball is amazing.  That takes amazing equipment to do this, and is worth the winning black and white
photo slot here.


This is #4 in a series of "THE ART OF BLACK AND WHITE".  To see the other series go to:

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Once in a while you find someone captures a photo that is just shocking, or interesting, or amazing, and it just has to be shared.  

Here are a few of those amazing photos that we thought we would share with you today:

It could be a scene from a disaster movie, as a family on a motorcycle flees from the oncoming deluge. It’s a phenomenon known as a tidal bore, where a wave travels up a river or other narrow waterway and explodes over the banks. This occurs every autumn at the Qiantang River in Hanzhou, China:
tidal wave photography
“High waves hitting the Qiantang River bank” captured by Xu Kangping (Via Imgur )

Tidal bores in this area can reach up to 30 feet in height and move as fast as 25 miles per hour. In the scene above, captured by photographer Xu Kangping, surprised onlookers rush to escape the downpour of muddy river water.


German landscape photographer Andreas Wonisch hiked up to the Italian Dolomites with six other photographers. But they’d grossly underestimated the trek: the nearest accommodation was a kilometer away and up a steep trail. In order to catch a sunrise shot, the group needed to hike up for longer than an hour through pitch-black midnight with all their gear. Of the seven, only one didn’t back out. Wonisch was not among them:
italian dolamites in fog
Via Flickr

The next year, Wonisch returned to the same spot—the same mountain, the same accommodation. Only this time, he was prepared. Here’s the story, via his Flickr page:
“When I woke up in the middle of the night it was pitch black and there was thick fog. You couldn’t see for more than 10 meters. But I knew that I at least had to try this time. Luckily I already knew the way up and arrived in time half an hour before sunrise. At this point I felt that all the effort was in vain because it was still extremely foggy. But just before the sun came out the fog suddenly lifted and unveiled the majestic mountaintops. It felt like a great breakthrough and I quickly took as many photos as I could. A few minutes later everything was again covered in fog. But I went happily back to the hut—knowing, that I finally had captured the photo I wanted.”


We’ve all seen thousands of sunrise and sunset photos and, no doubt, we’ve all taken a few of our own. I mean, how can you resist? There’s just something so magical when the sun cuts across the horizon, or through a beautiful, natural landscape like the one seen below. Photographer Evgeni Dinev perfectly portrays the mystic, magical sense that the early morning sun can bring in his photo of a Bulgarian sunrise cutting through the morning mist:
“Magic Morning” (Via 500px.)
The scene near Golyam Beglik lake in Bulgaria was captured with a Canon EOS 5D with a focal length of 17mm, a shutter speed of 1/200, an aperture of f/11, and ISO 200.


Well-known for towering height and patchy spots, giraffes are equally admired for their ability to thrive with just 4.5 hours of sleep per day—and usually less, considering their vulnerability to predators in the open savannah (Photo by Mitsuyoshi Tatematsu). Giraffes usually sleep standing up, but will occasionally take short naps lying on the ground while using their own backsides as pillows! Like this baby giraffe:
baby giraffe sleeps laying down uses body as pillow
Giraffe uses own body as pillow (Via Imgur)
Imagine the terrible crick in your neck if you attempted to sleep curled with your head on your rump. You might put your chiropractor on speed dial after that, but giraffes sleep seamlessly in this posture due to their elongated neck vertebrae, which promote flexibility.
This sleeping posture is quite uncommon, but when it does occur, it’s usually in captivity where giraffes are safe from prowling predators—so, next time you visit a zoo, look for sleepy giraffes and you might just see one curl up for a catnap.

Imagine a climate where it gets so cold that boiled water turns to ice in an instant. That’s what life is like way up in the Canadian arctic. Nature and landscape photographer Michael H. Davies lives on Baffin Island, in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, and captured this shot of his friend throwing tea in -40 degree Celsius weather. As the hot water hit the freezing air, it turned to ice particles, leaving a beautiful icy spray in the sunset:

cold weather turns tea to ice photo
Dumping Tea at -40 by Michael H. Davies
Most of Davies’ photos are from around the Hamlet of Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, 20 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. As he says on his website, it is a place for cold winter vistas, northern lights, twilight, and jagged mountain peaks.


Add captionNiccolo Porcella is a kitesurfer, famous wakeboarder (he rode the biggest kiting wave in history at Peahi Jaws), skydiver, and base jumper. This portrait of him hovering over Venice illustrates his adventurous spirit quite well:
skydiver venice
The view skydiving over Venice, Italy by Max Haim (Via Reddit )

Porcella’s friend, Max Haim, captured this unique and amazing shot. How’s that for an environmental portrait?

Can you tell what planet this is? Photographer St├ęphane Vetter hopes you guessed Venus or Jupiter, but he, in fact, grabbed this eerie shot on Earth. The photos was taken from Iceland’s geothermal Hverir, a northeastern area rich with boiling mudpools and fumaroles (a.k.a. fumes rising from cracks in the Earth’s crust):

northern lights iceland

It must have been a crisp night, because the ghostly green of the aurora borealis is lively in the background. Vetter calls this shot “Night on a Spooky Planet”, and he has expertly captured the essence of a truly foreign land with a long exposure, complete with hints of a green reflection in the water itself. 

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Photo by:  Silvia Vellozo / EyeEm/Getty Images  

Photo by:  imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock            

Photo by:   Blend Images/REX/Shutterstock            

Photo by: Craig Dingle/Getty Images  

Photo by: Kevin Dyer/Getty Images  

Photo by:   John Lund/Stephanie Roeser/Getty Images            

Photo by:  Brandon Colbert Photography/Getty Images            

Photo by: Brandon Colbert Photography/Getty Images            

Photo by:  paula sierra/Getty Images            

Photo by:  Shutterstock            

Photo by:  Shutterstock            

Photo by Shutterstock            

Photo by: Shutterstock            

Photo by:  paylessimages/Getty Image