Thursday, August 27, 2015


I was driving up to an appointment to Park City, Utah just two days ago, and noticed that there was some changes to the leaves on the mountains already.  Yes, Autumn is just around the corner.  Think about it, the first day of Autumn is less than a month away.  Earlier in the week, I posted the blog about how to take great landscape photos, thinking that many people will soon be out taking pictures, or at least enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  So, even though it is not fall yet, I wanted to post a dozen pictures, or, a photo gallery of some great fall photos to get us excited for the upcoming season.  So, this is just to add to the earlier blog about landscape photography, and for us to enjoy some great art in photography.

Now, looking at these photos, did you take some of the things we have taught in the previous blogs and see how they have applied in these photos?  Hope you can see how those things applied in these pictures and that is what made them so spectacular.

See you next week.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Well, I am starting this blog, in hopes to help lots of people  improve their photography skills.  And what is going to make this different than any other blog out there?  Well, I have spent time looking at the other blogs out there, and have found that no one is consistent with their blog.  Where can you go, for free, and have someone seriously help you take better photos?  That is my total goal with this WEEKLY blog.  Yup,  you got it.  I am going to do this every week, probably on Monday of every week, so, start looking for this to show up every Monday.   I want to provide a different tip on photography that will help you get excited about your photos, and make your photos different than every one else's.  The "selfie's" that are out there are cute, but, they could be so much better.  And really, is the cell phone your best option now?   I think it sure is handy, for sure, and it captures your image, because you have your phone with you all the time.  So, what am I going to talk about?  First of all, I really want to concentrate on composition a lot.  Taking pictures on your cell phone is easy, and the cell phone manufactures have put a lot of new things into their phones to make it easy for you to take fantastic photos.  And I, along with all of you, have taken a bunch of pictures with my cell phone.  And I will get into using your cell phone to the best of it's ability.

I am going to be really honest in this blog, and try not to be too biased.  As far as camera manufactures, there are really good ones out there.  Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji, Olympus, I have actually owned them all.  So, all I can say is that they are all really, really good.  What am I using today to take real good pictures outside of my cell phone?  Not saying.  Let's just say, I want to keep peace with all of these manufactures.  I like them all, I have owned them all, I could own something from each of them now and be happy.  I hope as this blog gets big, that they will feel free to advertise with me.  As far as cell phone cameras.... does it matter?  They are all getting real good too.  I will get into, one of my sessions, how to take better pictures with your cell phone camera. 

So, to introduce myself now, and what gives me the right to call myself qualified to take on this blog and challenge to teach the world?  I will give you a history of myself in the photography business:
I started in photography, officially, working in a photography store, here in Utah in 1976.  OOOh, I may have given away my age slightly.  Hey, experience counts, doesn't it?  I sold cameras, all of them,  and movie cameras, learned the cameras real well, bought my first camera, and went out into the world to just take pictures.  Was not happy with how my pictures turned out at first, but, learned from all the customers that came in, plus the experienced photographers that I worked with.  I will give them credit for what I learned.  Then, the longer I stayed, with the company, we found that we could offer our customers photography classes and teach them the basics of photography, such as composition, lenses, filters, portraiture, etc.  We all taught these classes, and we learned from the best books, from the best photographers in the world.  Then I thought my photography was getting good, so, I entered our local county fair in photography, and BAM, took 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in photography.  Holy Cow, the teaching I was doing, and then applying was paying off.  So, I thought.  Let's try some more and see if I am really good.  You constantly question yourself in this business.  So, I tried entering a national photo contest, at the time, for Vivitar Corporation.  And took 2nd place in a nationwide contest.  I never saw that photo published anywhere, but, I earned some $150 for that shot.  Then, the longer I stayed with this company, they got into professional portraits and built portrait studios in all their stores.  I didn't like doing portraits that much, because of the pressure of the customer liking it or not.  But, all of a sudden, I won the "Best wedding Photo" of the year for the whole company ( there was over 25 stores in 2 states then).  So, doing pretty good, and now loving photography.  Then, one year, I had the head people over the county fair ask me and one other person to be the judges over the pictures of the fair.  There were over 100 entries at this time, and I and my colleague had to pick the top 3 in amateur and the top 3 in the professional pictures for the county fair.  Hey, I am first to admit that you learn the basic rules of composition, and you look for those things, that make a picture good.  And I know that rules are meant to be broken, too.  But, I'll be honest, there were better pictures in the amateur division than the professional division.  The Pro's came after us judges after the judging and said we didn't know photography very well.  But, I will be honest at that time, I think I told them that owning a big camera and lot's of lenses does not qualify you to be a professional.  While working for that company, I found some people could spend up to $10K on photography equipment, and took lousy pictures, and someone who spent $350 were the best photographers out there.  Equipment does not make the photographer. 

So, anyway, that is what I hope to accomplish with my weekly blog.  Just to give you tips and tricks of how to use your cell phone camera, your new digital point and shoot camera, and even your DSLR camera so that you can all become better photographers.  And I want to do this so you can be excited about what you are learning.  So, if you know people who are interested in photography, give them this blog site.  This could be really exciting.

In a few weeks, after we really get going, I will open up some site for questions, if you have them, and I will answer those for you on one of my weekly blogs.  We can all learn from each other for sure.

One of my favorite fishing spots.