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Have realized that most cameras come from Japan, and then wondered:  what kind of photography do the Japanese take?  Are they better than anyone else because they have the manufactures right there?  What kind of photography do the Japanese people take?  Well, you are about to find out.  From the leading publisher of Japanese photos, and also from the tourism board from Japan, here are some of the best photos coming out of Japan right now.  Take a look at what the Japanese are taking pictures of now, and these are the winning photos for this week:

Photograph by Tianshu Liu.

Koi fish at Nemichi Jinja in Seki, Japan. Photograph by Sora Sagano.

Where was this photo taken? Photo by Tokyo Journal intern Michael Tang
Shinjuku, with Prince hotel off camera on the right.

Hiroshima Castle photo by Redd Angelo

Mmmmmm,  looks so good, right?

The hidden gems of Tokyo. These narrow streets tucked away from major streets offer some of the most delicious izakaya restaurants and uniquely Japanese bars. What are some of your favorite eateries in Japan? Photo taken by Tokyo Journal's intern Michael Tang.

Tokyo is home to 38.7 million people making it the world's largest urban agglomeration economy. Without a doubt, the people are the beating heart of this unique and culturally stimulating city. Late September at Shibuya Crossing taken by Tokyo Journal intern Khaikholun Vaiphei.

What's inside these barrels? Photo by Tokyo Journal Intern Yuzuki Sawai.   Sake! At the Meiji Shrine!

Taken nearby Anaheim University retreat center in Mt. Fuji area in Japan. Photograph courtesy of H. Tasaka

Photo by Tokyo Journal Intern Leo Finch

A different view of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Photograph by Tokyo Journal intern Khaikholun Vaiphei

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Hope you enjoyed this collection of photos from Japan.  Amazing country, with a wonderful heritage, and wonderful people.  A lot of people.  

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