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There is enough categories to specialize in the winning photos.  And this week, I want to highlight the beautiful spring photos that are showing up right now that are absolutely amazing winning photos .  Check these winning photos out:

Photo by:  Bob Phillips

As I looked at this photo, there are a couple of things that I find amazing about this photo:  1- just how hard is it to capture a dragonfly in motion.  And 2- to capture the wings at the speed that he did, is also amazing.  This is truly an amazing photo by Bob Phillips, and it certainly brings out the fact that if you have dragonflys, you also have bugs.  The joys of spring means that all those things are arriving.  Congratulations Bob on an amazing photo.
Bob Phillips is happily retired, and lives in Redruth, United Kingdom, and has
the time (I hope) to take great photos.

Photo by:  Bob Phillips

Ok, two in a row.  By the same photographer.  This is rare.  I have used a photographer twice, but, not in the same session.  But, Bob  Phillips has met the criteria and the skill for what I am looking for. And these spring photos have caught my eye and his skills of close-ups of things that are so amazing are great.  Thanks Bob, again, for sharing your photos with the world.  This photo is amazing.

Photo by Stephen McVeigh

This particular photo is also a very difficult photo to take, but, also reminds me of spring.  Spring brings a lot of rain, and rain brings out the mushrooms, right?  So, this is a wonderful photo of some great things that are around us, but, we just don't see them this close.  Stephen McVeigh is one of those great photographers, who knows how to do macro work very well, as well as many other great types of photography.  Congratulation Stephen,  I love your work, and you deserve
to have a winning photo!

Photo by: Akasha Rabut
Shown in Huffington Post

You know spring has arrived when you see motorcycles come out more.  And this is a special type of motorcyclist:
When photographer Akasha Rabut moved to New Orleans in 2010, she was taken by the city’s traditions ― the parades, especially. While photographing one, she noticed two women on motorcycles and decided to introduce herself. Their names were Tru and Love; immediately, Rabut was enamored. 
The pair invited her to a meeting for their all-women motorcycle crew, Caramel Curves, which took place in a member’s nail salon. Rabut took the women’s portraits, and has been doing so ever since.
“I love the feminism and femininity that these women bring to the masculine world of motorcycle clubs,” Rabut told The Huffington Post, taking care not to conflate the two terms.
Her shots of the crew include images of riders enveloped in billowy, hot-pink smoke. In some portraits, their camaraderie is clear as they laugh together wearing matching checkered jackets. In others, the pride they take in their pastime is on display as they pose on their bikes, showing off their high heels.

Do you remember in the Disney movie "Bambi"  when spring came around?  And the animals all became "twitterpated"?  Well, how can you not feel LOVE in the air during spring.  Well this photo was one of the top winning Wedding photos of the year.  In fact this photo is one of the top 50 Wedding photos of the year 2016 from JuneBug Weddings.  This too was posted in Huffington Post.  The wedding photos were posted because of the emotions felt in each of the wedding photos.  And this one is no exception.  Congratulations to the photographer and models on this great wedding photo.

Photo from the group:  My World is Beautiful

This is a true "Spring" photo.  A cute little girl, all dressed up, and she is excited about seeing flowers.  And so excited.  You can just see the excitement in her eyes and all the joy of spring.  The bright colors, and this is just truly a good photo about spring, and a winning photo.


This is just a great collection of different types of Spring photos..... all winning photos from different things off of the internet.  Congratulations to all those who are winners in this week's choices.
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