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This week we are into the second week of December, and things are cold mostly throughout the world.  And the Photos of the week, can I say, are anything but cold.  They are exciting, and full of fun, and great talent.  Photos found from great photographers throughout the world.  Check out this week's Photos:

Photo taken by:  Fabio Malloggi
Now this photo is a story in itself, right?  Mother checking to make sure baby gets things right.... or protecting baby.... or teaching baby.... or whatever caption you put on it.  What a great photo, and the great use of depth of field.  Congratulations to Fabio in giving us this great photo.

Photo property of:  World Nature Natural Beauties
What timing is there on this photo?  Just as the bird enters the water, and the blur of speed behind it. Wow, so many comments of what a fantastic photo this is.  This is truly an amazing photo.  Check out the composition of this photo too.  Incredible work.  No photographer is mentioned as it is now owned by the World Nature Natural Beauties. 
For more photos like this go to their Facebook page:  World Nature Natural Beauties.

Photo and creation by:  Valerie Cox
This portrait of the week, is just so timely.  A beautiful Christmas portrait, photographed and created by photographer Valerie Cox.  She specializes in children photography and is a photographer at MB Clickit photography Studio.  Thanks Valerie!  Our hearts are melted with this special photo.
For a look at more of their work, go to their Facebook page:  MB Click it Photography

Photo taken by:  Jasmine Star for Outdoor Idaho
If you don't think lines and shadows don't make a great photo, and timing, then this photo should take away all doubt.  One of the most famous mountain ranges in the world, caught at sunset, with the shadows cast across the valley and the magnificence of the mountains, and the beauty of the light are all accentuated in this beautiful photo.  I think everyone in the world, who has ever been here, wishes they could capture this photo like this.  Absolutely breathtaking.   Congratulations Jasmine on a most beautiful photo.

Photo by:  Dick Berry

A great photo, and believe it or not, taken at a local zoo.  It can be done, some good photos taken at your local zoo, just have to be patient and get the timing right, and lighting, like this one.   This was taken at Zuma Beach in Malibu.  This is just a nice photo of Zebras that we can all enjoy.  It reminds me of the movie where they were trying to see if horses could fly?  When all 4 feet were off the ground at the same time.  And looks like Zebras do it too.

Photo by Kees Andriessen

I love the creativity in this photo.  Maybe this is a mermaid.  But, really to take this beautiful gown of a dress and make it look like it goes on forever.  What a great idea.  And how high do you have to get to get a shot like this?  By plane, drone?  It's Kees's secret, right?   So, anyway, what a great photo, and deserves to be a winner.  Congratulations Kees.  Kees posted this photo in the Facebook group:  Black and White World.   

Congratulations to all these week's winners.  I was sending a note to most of the photographers that these photos in the Photos of the Week, are seen by a very large crowd around the world.  So, enjoy the publicity.  You deserve it, and I hope we all learn from the talent of these great photographers.

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