Friday, November 11, 2016

Gallery of great winter photographic destinations

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Quebec City, Canada
Yes, you'll be cold, maybe even borderline freezing, but Quebecois embrace the winter weather with some of the best Carnival celebrations in the world. With modest airfare prices this winter, you have even more of an excuse to go this year.


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While winter is a popular time to go to Kenya, this year it’s a more affordable time too, with good prices for flights and safaris in wildlife-viewing regions. Temperatures are warm, the weather is mostly dry — wet season starts at the end of March — and winter is a great time to see an abundance of wildlife.

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Las Vegas

Sin City, affordable? You must be dreaming. This winter Las Vegas is one of the best bargain U.S. destinations — go post-New Year's and you'll be loving cheap airfare and hotel rates.

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Southern Ireland (County Kerry & County Cork)

Since Ireland's weather is always unpredictable, winter is a great time to go for flight and hotel deals, as well as for smaller crowds. And just like during the rest of the year, it’s a good idea to always have a coat and an umbrella on hand.

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Forget Paris — Amsterdam is just as romantic in winter with snow-lined canal banks and cozy cafes. Thanks to an abundance of budget trans-Atlantic airlines, Amsterdam flights from the U.S. are extremely cheap this winter and you can find great hotel deals in the off-season.

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Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland's an up-and-coming foodie and craft beer city, with lakefront views and a variety of museums that'll suit both those looking for winter indoor and outdoor activities (just make sure to bundle up). Its location makes it the perfect domestic getaway, situated within 500 miles of over 50% of the country's population. And this winter, competitive flight prices make it a great time to go.

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Madeira, Portugal

You'll find the semitropical four-island archipelago Madeira about 750 miles from Lisbon, sitting off the coast of Africa. While Madeira is a great year-round destination, it's an especially affordable winter destination because it's less crowded due to slightly cooler winter temperatures (they hover in the 60s in the winter months). Known for its lush landscapes, wine and European-style villages, Madeira is a great Caribbean alternative.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The winter months are the best time to visit this Middle Eastern hub since prices are low and temperatures are moderate, ranging from the high 70s to low 80s — perfect weather to enjoy the spectacular beaches along the Persian Gulf. You may encounter some light showers, but the perfect temps make it a worthwhile trade-off.

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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wyoming’s capital city of Cheyenne is a one-and-a-half-hour 100-mile drive from Denver. It's an ideal alternative to expensive Aspen and Vail winter vacations, with plenty of cross-country skiing, ice boating and ice fishing instead of downhill skiing.

All these ideas are wonderful.  I know you expected all winter resorts, right.  But, there are plenty of other wonderful places to go, besides snowy wintery places, and great places to photograph.   So, think outside the box, and go have some fun in these beautiful places around the world.

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