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Here we go again, with amazing photos found throughout the world, from a variety of artists.  One photo chosen to be "Portrait of the Week".  There are so many great photos, it is hard to pick the best, but, I will give it a good try.   Here we go, and I hope you will enjoy these:

Photo taken by:  Dillon Presscott Flowers

Once in a while you get a well composed shot of an artist at work.  This time it was a well known rock star in action.  But look at the composition, the lighting, the perfect capture of this artist in action.  Congratulations to Dillon on such a great photo. 
His comments on capturing this photo:
photo of the day taken by yours truly! photo is of head from Korn

Photo by April Reeves Photography

Have you ever seen something so darling?  And the model is so cute too.  And what is amazing is the fact that everything is real.  Here is the quote from April:
In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share some images of my favorite series that we have done....
*Nothing was placed in the images. All was real.*

April uses her own children to practice with.  And this is practice?  Well, her portfolio is filled with some great work of these beautiful children.  Congratulations April.  You take amazing portraits.

For more of her work go to her website at:

Photo taken by: Todd Wall

This photo just tells a story.  And the composition is just so, so good.  I love the title, he gave to the photo:  "Last Leaf".  You can just look at that and contemplate all that has gone on with this photo.  Great work. 

To get more details about Todd's work go to his page on Facebook:

Photo taken by:  Drumroll Studios

Titled:  Eye Contact

When I first found this photo, I could not help but stop and look at this and stare.  Did they really take this photo?  Photoshopped?  Who knows?  But, whatever created this photo, or whoever, it certainly causes a lot of interest and amazement.  It is one of those photos that a photographer will draw a trademark on for the rest of his life.  Photographers, just don't usually do these kind of things, and this is what makes this photo such a winning photo.  Congratulations to Drumroll Studios for this great picture.

For more of the amazing photos done by Drumroll Studios go to their link:

Photo taken by:  Ron May

This waterfall is so different than most waterfalls, it just captured my attention.  The detail of the everything in this made it so appealing. Plus, the composition, and the long exposure, all of the ingredients to make this a photo that you would want to hang on the wall.  There is a story to this, and here are Ron's notes about it:
Took this waterfall shot after a big rainstorm. I call it the Big Muddy.

Photographer unknown, but posted in:  Amazing pictures group.

I wanted to post this because this photo says a million words.  This just shows that everyone is loved.  And when the little ones of the world go through the real hard times in their lives, isn't it great that there is always someone to lend a shoulder for them to comfort them.  One of the comments attached to this photo says what we all want to say:
This is the most beautiful picture one can see. God Bless you so much. you are one of the most wonderful human being on this Planet. Will keep you in my Prayers to give you more strength. That is why this world is existing kind and beautiful ppl like you. Thank you so so much.

On that note, on behalf of 123Photogo, thanks to all the photographers all over the world, who capture images that can touch all our lives in so many ways.   I do this blog because pictures say more than just showing us mere images.  I hope we get all the meanings that are in these photos.

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