Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Photos of the Week

Once again, we are here to bring the best photos I have found this week.  From professionals and amateurs from all over the world.  Unique, beautiful and just amazing photos, that we as photographers can just study and learn and enjoy their talents.  Here we go:

This is a photo taken with infrared.  Something you just don't see too often.  The white puffy things on the right of the photo are trees.  Yes, that is what infrared does to trees, and living plants, etc.  Infrared does interesting things, originally designed to check out the diseases of trees for the Forest service, and now people are using it for the most beautiful creative photos.  This has to be a definite "Photo of the Week" because of it's unique nature. 
PHOTO TAKEN BY:  Frédérique Fortune And posted in FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY.
Simply titled:  La Seine -
Infrared photography

This photo was taken at a special event where dogs are trained to herd animals.  What a great capture and great action shot.  If I was that animal, I would be running too.  A great action shot, and photo captured by RON MCGINNIS.  And this was posted in PHOTOSHOP AND LIGHTROOM. 
His notes:  " Chip " Edited in LR then toned and popped the details in PScc.

We just got through posting about leading lines  in composition not too long ago, and just how nice it makes the photo look.  And then this photo comes along.  And doesn't it truly make a statement.  I love the colors, the lines, the long exposure to make the water more dreamy.  Great job. 
Simply titled:  The Way to Infinity :  PHOTO TAKEN BY:  Hernâni Mendes and posted in:  Long Exposure Creativity.
Congratulations on a beautiful photo.

PHOTO BY JEFF DEVEAU.  I think everyone loves a good lighthouse shot. And this one is just amazing.  I like his information about this, so, I am going to let him explain it:
This is something I have wanted to shoot for a long time.. A lighthouse on the Pacific Ocean.. Unfortunately I have never really found one near me that I wanted to shoot. Then the other day while looking for new locations on 500px I found a image of Point Vicente and instantly knew I had to go. I went out tonight to scout the location and shoot some video for a upcoming project not really expectin...g to get any great shots.. It was extremely windy which.. kicked up a haze and also cleared the skies. As the sun set the haze lit up so beautifully and a few planets were already visible. I decided to tuff it out in the wind and stay for some night shots. To my surprise there were a lot more stars then I thought. So I captured a few shot of the Stars, a few shot of the Beacon, and packed up my gear and headed home. I knew driving home what I wanted to do. I combined the stars, the beacon, and the sunset image to get this composition. I hope you enjoy this unexpected release, Vicente's Lantern

Sometimes just a simple photo is just mesmerizing.  The stillness of the water, the reflections, the lighting, all make this just an incredible photo

Congratulation this week to April Reeves who has mastered her portrait techniques.  Wow, lighting, posing, and a beautiful young lady to pose for this amazing shot.   Congratulations April on this amazing photo.  This was also posted in Photoshop and Lightroom.


Congratulations to this week's winners.  Absolutely amazing photos.  Photos from all over the world, and will be shown to people all over the world to share and to learn from.  
See you next Thursday for more amazing photos.

Entertainment & learning for the photographer

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