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September 22nd, 2016

Once again, have you ever typed into Google search and look for "Photos of the Week"?  I mean look for good Photographers Photos and you don't find any.  In the search you find mostly News photos of the week, and nothing related to the great photographers out there.  So, this site may be the one place to come and see the best in Photographers great photos.  So, with that, here is this week's finds.  Great photos from Professionals and amateurs alike.  Hope you enjoy them.

This photo is the done by one of the best Photographers I know.  He has certainly got this type of photo mastered.  The nice thing, for him, is this is his own backyard.  You would have an opportunity to practice taking this a lot of times. However, you don't always get the storm clouds to cooperate like this.  The slow shutter speed, the use of filters so you can slow down the shutter speed, and the lighting creates the perfect photo. 
I have had this photographer become one of my friends, and I am excited to display his photo once again.  I will let him explain this photo for you.  His name is:  Duarte Sol Photography.
The Storm is Coming

My "backyard" Santa Catarina Islet and i really love this place.

In this shot i tried to capture the power of the surroundings with this fantastic sky as background...that looked like would soon fall on our heads:)...

Hope you all like it as mutch as i loved to shoot it :)

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Canon 5D Mark III + Canon 16-35
F16, ISO 100 and 4" exposure

With Nisi Soft Nano GND8

@ Ilheu de Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Madeira, Portugal

Duarte Sol Photography


You know, Iceland produces some of the most beautiful photos ever.  Especially when you get a great photographer to go there.  What  a great photo.  I don't know if any of this is photoshopped, but, it doesn't matter.  The sunset, the smooth waters, it all comes together in this masterpiece. 
PHOTO BY JOSE RAMOS PHOTOGRAPHY:  And posted on "Fine Art Photography"
"Synchronicity" | Kirkjufell, Iceland

Everything in its right place on this amazing landscape.

Technical data:...

Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter speed: 30 seconds
Focus: Manual (for hyperfocal distance)
Wireless Remote Timer
Filters: 4 stops full ND, 3 stop soft ND Grad

We are getting that time of year, when weather is helping us to create some beautiful photos.  You just have to be there at the right time, and the right equipment, the right knowledge of what to do.  And this is one of those times.  This photographer, I think just caught this scene just after a storm, with a slight fog on the lake, and the snow in the mountains, the conditions were perfect.  Congratulations to:  Manuel Dietrich Photography
Here is the details of this photo:
Three of a Kind

The beautiful boat huts at the Kochelsee during sunrise.

#kochelsee #canon #photography #manfrotto #sunrise #landscape #nature #alps #germany Canon Deutschland Manfrotto Imagine More LEE Filters

EXIF: Canon EOS 5D Mark III & Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 L IS USM at f/8.0, ISO 100, 300s
filters used: LEE ND 0.6 soft grad and Haida ND 3.0
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— with Manuel Dietrich, Canon Deutschland, LEE Filters, Manfrotto Imagine More, Kochel and Bayern, Germany at Kochelsee.


Sometimes when we go out and take our landscape photos, I think there is lurking in the landscapes, a tree and a special situation where there is something special waiting for photographers.  If we get out and explore more than the vast landscape, we may just find something, like this, that is just spectacular.   Congratulations to:  Artist 👉@annnika.1a 🎊  shown on the site:  Kings Hubs.


The eye's have it.  What a great posed shot of two beautiful eyes.  What a unique idea.  I can't believe this cat posed for this.  And the color of both the girl and the cat are amazing.  Worthy of being picked as a winner, because you know you will come back and look at it a few times, right?   There is just something mesmerizing about this photo.  Congratulations to:  ALEX MANROD which posted this photo on - Photography on Facebook.


This beautiful portrait is a combination of some serious computer work.  Congratulations to the artist on creating one of the most beautiful portraits I have seen.  Here is the details:

I was craving fall today...pumpkin spice, warmth and falling leaves...but Louisiana has other ideas and we sit at 80 degrees at nearly 8pm...

So, I pulled an image into Lightroom that I took this past summer and attempted to create my own autumn.

Original photo:




Congratulations to all the photographers this week.  You have such incredible talent, and we hope this extra exposure only helps promote your talent even more.  Please, everyone, share this with everyone you know.  These photographers deserve the extra recognition.

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