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What in the world am I talking about?  Not too long ago, I had a special article for macro photographers, and trying to find things different to take pictures of for their macro work other than flowers, and bugs.  It seemed like that was the majority of things we see in macro photography work.  And then I introduced the photography world to a whole bundle of different ideas of things to take pictures of that are really as interesting, but different than the normal.

As I was thinking about the Landscape Photographers, and the many things that they miss as they are out taking their beautiful landscape photos.  Not to take away from their landscape photos, but, are there some other photo opportunities that are missed just because you are there.   And this is what this article is about:  let's see some of the other opportunities that are there, because you are there as you take landscape photos.

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To me, this is one of the most beautiful landscape photos you will ever see.  The beautiful sunset, the purple mountain majesty, and those beautiful flowers in the foreground, make this a dynamic photo.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a macro lens to get a close up of some of these flowers.  Now, I know that previously I have mentioned that flower photography can be boring after a while, but, as a landscape artist, you probably can get a different angle on your flower photography to make it uniquely different.
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In this particular instance, as you are taking a photo of a sunset with flowers in it, you have a natural light there, try shooting some of these flowers with the sun or a light with backlighting.  This will A- make a flower photo more interesting and B- you took something to expand your portfolio of the types of photography you can take.

Let's take a look of other ideas that you could do as a landscape artist to expand your portfolio or art variety some more:

1-  Flower photography
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I just talked about how there are so many flowers, usually, as  you take photos in your landscape shots.  Look for them. Come up with different ideas or ways to take your flower photos so that you have different flower photos than the usual macro photographer.  As you display those photos amongst your landscape photos, you will definitely win some points with your customers.

2- Wildlife photography
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As you go out to take your landscape photos, you may not always have wildlife around you.  Or do you?  Are you just not looking for it.  Is it there, and you are just choosing to ignore it because you are caught up in your landscape photos?  What if the best photo you can get is some bird?
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I always look at a photo this way:  what if this photo is the one photo someone has been looking for, and would be willing to spend some big money on it, just because it is their favorite bird, or animal.  I better take my time and make this photo real good.

3- Trees or shrubs or foliage:
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Most of the time, we are taking pictures of trees in our landscape.  Have you ever looked close at some of these trees?  Sometimes there are some very interesting trees, whether it be their bark, their pine cones, their berries, or the way humans have caused them to be.   So, add that to your collection as well.

4- Water in your photos:

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If you have any amount of water in your landscape photo, get in close to it and see what you can find.  If you have a waterfall or any moving water, this is a time to practice your long exposure shots.  It will add to your repertoire.  That is something that everyone who looks at a gallery just loves.  If you know how to do it right, then do it.  Another fun thing you can do with water, is if you are caught in the rain, I hope you have some way to take photos in the rain, take some rain photos, or water coming off plants, or get creative in a storm.
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5- People in your landscape:
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If you do this right you probably won't even have to have permission to take their photo.  If you can't recognize the face, then you don't need to ask permission.  But, the reason to add a person in your landscape photo is to give it some dimension.  How big is this landscape photo you just took?  Is it just a small valley, a big canyon? Or what?  Putting a person in the photo gives you a perspective of how big the area is.  How much landscape are you taking?  The person will help guide the viewer into the unknown question of how vast the landscape really is.

So, I hope I have helped somewhat in your landscape photos.  There is so much more we need to be looking for.  As photographers, sometimes we miss the real good stuff that is just around us.  That is what makes "street photographers" so good, is that they find things naturally on the street, that we often miss.  Perhaps we should put the "street Photographers" out doing landscapes and see what they find.  

I wish you all the success in the world in developing your own talents.  These articles are here to help you become a better photographer and make you aware of the things around you.  

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