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New ideas for macro photography !

Close-up or Macro photography is a lot of fun.  Anyone who has been involved in taking close-up photos finds that this is one of the most interesting things you can do in photography.  But, it seems people are getting tired of seeing the same old things. 
The flowers

The flowers are great, and there are so many different varieties.   It seems like you could never get tired of seeing all the different kinds of flowers out there.  Different ways to take flower photos, closer flower photos, with flash, without flash, etc.  And then we have the bug photos:
Once again, there are a lot of different bugs out there.  Spiders with fangs, grasshoppers, snails,  etc.  They are all incredible.  But, have you ever seen the photos of the every day things that could bring some extra attention to your photos?  See the photo at the top of this page.   Your pet's eye ball.  Have you ever seen that type of macro shot so much?  Not really.  Fascinating isn't it?  The detail of your pet's face is incredible.  Try something like that.  Here are some other ideas of some great macro ideas that might just bring you to like macro photos even more, and your friends and family will like your photos even more.  And the "yuk" factor of your bug photos will disappear.

1-  Cutlery.
      Interesting idea.  What if you put them in a special arrangement.  Do you have special cutlery with ornate decorations on them.  What if they are just shiny objects.  Could you arrange them to make them even more outstanding.
2-  Feathers:
    We have all looked down on the ground and found a beautiful feather from a bird and marveled at it's beauty.  Take advantage of this.  Get closer than you would with the naked eye, and capture the real beauty of a feather or feathers.  They are an amazing subject.  Sometimes if you can get extremely close, you may have people wonder what the subject is.
Courtesy:  fineart America

3- Rust and or peeling paint:
    This always gets people when I mention this.  This seems like junk photo.  But, that is where you find some beauty up close.  It is amazing the color and texture you can get from this.  People are blown away by the amazing pictures you can get from this. 
4- Details of your car:
If you have an exciting car, or if not, you may have a friend that has a really cool car,  you can have fun taking pictures of the small details of their car.  The headlights, the taillights, the emblem, the logo, the engine, whatever, there must be some small detail to take a picture of.  You will make some one excited when they see the small part of their car in big pictures:

5- Foil or shiny paper
    Now with this one, you just create it yourself, but, the results can be a lot of fun.  Lights that you get that reflect from foil, or shiny paper can produce fun results too.  Experiment with it and see what fun you can have with it:

6- Fruits and vegetables:
   This is also a good one.  Some people are surprised to find out that the food they eat really looks like this.  So, try some real serious close ups of food.  It can be a lot of fun.  Make sure you are careful with lighting so that it looks good still and the detail is not lost.

7- There are many other ideas that we can just throw at you that make remarkable  ideas for macro photography:  Here are just some other great ideas to think about:  jewelry, money, guns, holiday ornaments, water droplets, colored pencils, parts of musical instruments,

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and the great subjects are all around you.  Just be aware of the things that can make close-up photography exciting by getting close to the subject.  If you have the right equipment, you can make things look much more exciting than most people would ever believe.  Do some experimenting. You will be glad you did.


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