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Here is another chapter in "Photos of the Week".  6 amazing photos picked from around the world from photographers, both old and young, both professional and amateur, both male and female, and on and on.  But what makes these photos great is that they are just amazing, they fit this one criteria:  They are winners!

Photo by Madyastha part of the Beautiful Birds Group. 
These beautiful birds are called:  Scaly-breasted Munia.  And they are obviously posing for the picture.  Sometimes taking pictures of birds can be challenging.  Most bird photos seem boring, because they just seem like they don't meet the criteria for good composition.  That is what makes this photo so good.  Congratulations to this winner.  It is a very well composed photo, besides taking a  picture of some birds not a lot of us have seen.

Photo by Greg Griffin - and also part of the group:  Photoshop & Lightroom
Photo taken in Tuscon, Arizona.  This is a beautiful photo taken right at sunset, but obviously enhanced in the computer.  The desert can be such a beautiful place if you can capture this kind of
color with it.  The unique plants and and color make it so unique, this just had to make it in the
Photos of the Week.  Congratulations Greg for working your magic on this photo.

Photo taken by:  Esmeralda Tunichtgut‎ in the group: Long Exposure Creativity
I know this is an interesting photo to see when most of the world is not in winter right now.  But, it's coming soon.  And the name of the photo is simply titled:  Longing for winter, next to Γ–xarΓ‘rfoss, Iceland.
Congratulations to this photographer for really taking a barren wasteland of scenery, and making it look so beautiful with a long exposure to blur the clouds in the sky and the water, and then to capture the snow at just the right time.  This is just an amazing winter photo. 

Photo by Kal Barre in the group Photoshop and Lightroom

This weeks Portrait pick goes to Kal Barre. Because it just takes guts sometimes to pick a homeless person and the character that he is to get an absolute amazing photo. Doesn't this person's portrait
just tell you stories about this person?
Everyone has a story....
Check us out at
STREET POPULACE on Facebook or Instagram for portrait photography accompanied by stories of the homeless in California.

There is so much good stuff to this photo.  Lighting, good composition, etc.  Makes you want to hang it on the wall.  Your eye is drawn to many places around this photo.  This is what makes a good photo.

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Photo by Michele Guidi
I want you to look at this photo carefully.  This photographer did not just take a picture of a snail on an egg ( I believe it's an egg).  But, took the time to paint the snail's shell with a non-toxic paint.  Have you ever seen anything like this?  And the composition is great.  And you know if it was hanging on the wall that everyone would be talking about it.  It is just a work of art, and congratulations to Michele Guidi for that clever photo.


This week's photos have been amazing.  I hope you all enjoyed them.  Congratulations to this week's winners.  You deserve the credit this week, and I hope we all will take the time to study them and learn how we can become great photographers too from studying these amazing photos.

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