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August 25th, 2016

This week's Photos of the Week, comes from all over the world, from all types of photographers, and the best photos found from all types of sources.  Please take a moment to enjoy them, learn from them, and share them with your friends, as we share this talent of these great photographers, whether they are professional or amateur.


Where are these lovely rolling hills?  And to catch that kind of sunset over those hills is just amazing.  No, but wait, are those really sand dunes?  Look closely. 

Our photographer has put together a masterpiece of knees.  Let's let him explain:
This is a composite of 13 photos. Twelve knee shots and one sky shot. The shadows were added using the Drop Shadow effect in Photoshop. Title: KneeScape.
Photos and computer work done by:  Randy C Finch

Photo by Sangeeta Dey Photography

Photo Of The Day: “The Court Of Moon” by Sangeeta Dey Photography. Location: Cottonball Basin, Death Valley National Park, CA.
Courtesy of Outdoor Photography Magazine

Photo by Lichtwerk Fotographie
From the group:  Fine Art Photography
after getting up at 5am the second time I got rewarded with a spectacular reflection of mt. cook and mt. tasman in lake matheson. In the beginning it was quiet foggy but as the sun was risen, the sun started to burn the fog away. Result was am amazing reflection in the calm lake. Additionally a couple of tweeting kea's were circling over the lake, the atmosphere where so peaceful. Stunning

If you were a famous dancer, wouldn't you love to have your picture taken in a way that really
shows off your talent?  I think this photo, or portrait shows off the talent, the beauty of this
amazing dancer.  Congratulations to the photographer for their creative talent in
capturing the dancer in this way.  We are all amazed at the way your portrayed this beautiful artist.
Photo taken by Albert Serra

Artist unknown, by courtesy from Group:  Amazing Beautiful World.
Don't we all wish we had a trusting friend like this.  With a friend like this, the world will always
be a safe place.  And for those who have a dog and love them, you know their friendship is
priceless.  This photo expresses that love and trust between owner and dog.

Deep in the outlands of the orient this amazing photo was captured.  A farmer on his home built raft and a couple of birds accompany him as he heads home.  Amazing scenery and a place where this man has lived all his life in serenity and peace.
photo by:  Weerapong Chaipuck  in the Photo group:  Blue Secret:


Until next week, I hope you have enjoyed these amazing photos.  Such a great variety.  I have found these photos something to talk about for a long time.  Please pass these on to your friends and family for all to enjoy.

Entertainment & learning for the photographer

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