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JULY 14TH, 2016

This week has provided us with the unusual, the beautiful and photos representing the best photos from amateurs and professionals from all over the world.  Here are this week's picks:

I was shocked when I found out that this is NOT photoshopped, retouched or enhanced in  any way.  This is an actual bug, butterfly or whatever.  I thought that someone had actually got a picture of an alien.  Really !  An amazing photo and excited to see a Macro shot win the "Photo of the Week" this week.
Photo taken by:    Kanokporn Prakobchaichana

This is a very unique idea!  A real portrait of a horse!  Many people who
are horse lovers will absolutely adore this photo.  I fell in love with this photo myself.
What a great idea.  It is like this horse naturally posed for this photo.  Can't you just
see this horse smiling for the photographer?
" Rooster " Shot this image of this little guy this afternoon. It was edited in LR, extracted subject in Topaz Remask and then replaced the background and toned in PScc.

Photo taken by:  Ron McGinnis

I love this photo for several reasons:  1- the effort taken to shoot this (like getting up at 4am), and 2- the long exposure it took to get the detail of the stars, the clouds and all the other things going on in this photo.  Almost spooky, yet beautiful.
“The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4am knows all my secrets.”
― Poppy Z. Brite~~~ This image I did last night is HUGE... 12 image pamo stitch, Canon 6d, Rokinon 14mm, ISO1000, f/2.8 30" seconds, Buchanan Virginia USA..........

Photo by Jason Rinehart

Not often I have two pictures with horses in them, but, this one caught my eye because of how powerful this photo is.  The right shutter speed, the lighting, how it catches the water splashing in the air, and the horses are beautiful too.  What an amazing photo. 
White Horses of Camargue
With Wendy Wozny and Kaliganda Ki

Is this what heaven looks like?  Have you ever seen one place that looks so beautiful as this?  Everything in this is just beautiful.  I don't know if any of this was photoshopped or not, but, it deserves to be listed as "Photo of the Week".
Photo taken by:  Andrea Grano

This photo was taken, not only because it was so well done, but, don't you just feel wet by looking at it.  Not many photos give you that feeling by looking at it.  This is just well done with the slower shutter speed, and making the rain just look worse than it really is.  Great job.
Photo taken by:  Summer rain... by Ed. Gordeev

That is this week's photos of the week.  Outstanding photos from Professionals and amateurs alike.  Congratulations to those photographers who's photos made the list this week.  Thanks for sharing your talents with us, and inspiring us to go and do it ourselves.  Thanks for your great work.

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