Wednesday, July 20, 2016


JULY 21ST 2016

I want to put a reminder  to all the new people who are viewing this for the first time.  This blog of "Photos of the Week" is a very unique article.  If you were to go to Google and do a search for "Photos of the Week"  you will get the news photos of the week, or you will get the Huffington Post's Photos of the week.  But you cannot find a Photographers special collection of just "Photos of the Week"  except right here.  And where do I get this collection?  I search Facebook, websites, magazines, News articles, Professional photographers sites to find these photos.  And I want to mention, having been a judge of photo contests before, that amateur photos can be winners too.  So, I look all over the internet for good photos from good photographers as well.  So, please enjoy this collection.  I do this every week.  It takes all week to find these.  In my every waking moment I have spare time, I am searching for photos that are worthy to be called:  "Photos of the Week".  So, with that, here is this week's Photo Winners:

Every time I look at a photo of Flamingos, I hesitate to use them fearing that someone took the flamingos off of someone's lawn.  But, this is definitely some real flamingos.  And to catch these two birds in a sunset like this is remarkable. 
Photo taken by:  Christine Ellger

It seems that every week, I find one portrait that deserves "Photo of the Week"  and this one deserves it this week.  Every person who looks at this draws some kind of emotion, right?  From the person who loves pets, to children.  Plus, the great work of composition is amazing.  Good job to the photographer, and also amazing work in the computer after the fact.

Portrait taken by:  Katrina Parry

The artist drawing a picture of the art of the Almighty.  A beautifully composed photo
of a great sunset with a beautiful foreground.  A real nice touch.

Photo taken by:  Fatholy Mosa

This photo has all the emotions and contrast in one.  The rain, the calm, the lightning, the sun, the calm and the storm.  Well composed. 

Photo by:  Alexandru Popovschi

I've been to a place like this once, and I swear I was near heaven.  Peaceful and enchanting, and if anyone has ever tried to take this picture knows that this is not an easy picture to take.  So, hats off to this photographer who caught this sunrise just right.

Photo is marked as:  NATURE

I can see this one hanging in my house.  Color, color, color.  Isn't that what photography captures?  This photo is just the essence of capturing color.  Leading lines, good composition.  Great lighting.  It has it all.

Photo taken by:  Lars Van De Goor


That is it for this week's Photos of the Week.  Hope you enjoyed them, and hope you get inspired enough to go practice taking photos as well, so your photo will be here some day.

Congratulations to all the photographers, and we all admire your talents and skills.

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