Saturday, June 18, 2016

++++ Weekend Edition: We can learn from our mistakes +++++

Weekend Edition:

We can learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

I know we are not all perfect when we take photos. 
But, usually we don't let people see the mistakes we make.

But, some are recorded forever for us to have fun with.  So
With that, let's really enjoy some photos that have been
caught for us to enjoy.   And then we can all say: 
Oh yeah, I've done that one before.  So, for the
weekend, let's have some fun looking at others mistakes or even our own.

Who is this guy?

Is the whole town crooked?

You had one job!  And you couldn't get this right either.

Who was that engineer anyway?

What direction is that again?

Yikes ! 

Nice reflection of the photographer.

Yum, yum !!

Which came first, the driveway or the pole?

What is a cow doing out wandering around the streets anyway?


I know there are some weird photos in there, but, there are some things to learn from as well.  Hope we all got the message. 

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