Friday, June 10, 2016

Special Edition: These 20 photos will make you want to go to China +++++

These 20 photos will make you want to drop everything and go to China

Not all of China is factory’s and pollution; it’s vast and diverse territory endows the country with some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth.From rainbow-coloured rolling hills that look like they are from another world to an abandoned village clad in vines in Shengshan Island – China is a feast for the eye. These 20 stunning photos prove it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world and make you want to visit China at-least once in a lifetime.

1. Mysterious cave buildings like the Maijishan Grottoes

Image Credit:

2. Stunning Colourful Mountains – Zhangye Danxia In Gansu

Image Credit:  unbelievable info

3. Detian Falls
Image Credit:  Wu Sha

4. Thousands Islands Lake
Image credits: imgur

5. Great Wall really is Great!
Image Credit:  Jac DI

6. The Yangtze River
Image Credit:  imgur

7. Beach in Panjim really is bizarre RED..
Image Credit: Mjia

8. Pearl Shoal Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou
Image Credit:  ErrorlessGnome

9. Turquoise pools formed by nature in Huanglong
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10. Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou National Park
Image Credit: Simon Long

11. Yangshuo, Xingping, Guangxi Province
Image Credit: Peter Stewart

12. Shanhai Pass – Where the Great Wall ends..
Image Credits:

13. The Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Yunnan
Image Credit:  Thierry Bornier

14. Road To Tianmen Mountains, Zhangjiajie
Image Credit:  Peter Cheung photography

15. Dushanzi Grand Canyon in the Xinjiang Province
Image Credit:  BJ Yang

16. Beautiful Lake: Jiuzhaigou
Image Credit: Burm Speed

17. Canola Flower Fields
Image Credit:  +Lanzi

18. Beautiful secluded hideouts, Wulong National Park,
Image credits: Pongpipat Sriwaralak

19. Forests completely out of stone
Image Credit:  unknown

20. Yianzi Mountains
Image Credit:


There is some very beautiful and wonderful scenery in China.  Sometimes we think of China as the most populated and busiest place in the world, but, there is still some secluded and beautiful places there that are just breathtaking.  Would you just love to spend some time in China?  I am not sure, looking at the map of China that you could get all this in a week.  China is a big country.  But, now you know what you can look forward to if you ever get the chance.  I don't know about you, but, I would certainly love that chance to go there.  Thank you China for sharing your world with us.

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