Friday, April 8, 2016

+++++ Weekend Special: 20 Most Photographed Attractions in the World !

 20 Most Photographed Attractions in the World !
Weekend Special:

We have talked this week about some great vacation ideas and places to go.  For the weekend edition, Let's just take a look at the 20 most photographed attractions in the world.  Take a look at these.  Would you have guessed these?  Have you been to any of these?  Would you like to go?  How would you take pictures there?  So many questions.  Let's take a look:

Whether you’ve visited Paris, London, or New York, you’re sure to have come back home with a multitude of holiday snaps on your camera.
From an iconic Parisian photo of the Eiffel Tower or the flamboyant red windmill of the Moulin Rouge, to charming Big Ben or the lights of Piccadilly Circus in London. And in New York, who can resist an obligatory shot of the Statue of Liberty or the lofty Empire State Building towering above Manhattan?
There are so many recognizable attractions from around the world which we immediately associate with a particular country or city—but which of the world’s attractions are the most photographed?
Using Sightsmap, an interactive ‘heat map’ based on data from a Google-powered photo-sharing app, to provide the rankings, the infographic below from Parrot Print reveals the twenty most photographed attractions in the world as well as how many times each sight has been hashtagged on Instagram:
most photographed attractions infographic