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If you’ve ever been out on a whale watching boat tour, especially recently, it’s not very likely that you actually got in close to the massive beasts. With many regulations regarding safe distance to the pods, the viewers are usually forced to snap their photos from afar, hoping the zoom will do the action justice. But, one lucky photographer, Christopher Swann, wasn’t confined by regulations and got up close and personal with an orca as it chased a dolphin:
orca jumping photo
Killer Whale Jumps Out of Water (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)
While the exact weight of the orca and height jumped isn’t completely known, you can’t deny the impressiveness of Swann’s photo. It shows the strength, agility, and pure beauty of the killer whale.
Michal Karcz is a big Steve Roach fan. The Polish photographic fine artist loves the American ambient soundscape musician so much that this photo, a delicate scene combining a floating hot-air balloon in some Mount Everest landscape, ought to feel quite loud and robust—but it doesn’t. Like most of Karcz’s shots and all of Roach’s music, it feels minimalist, surreal, and awe-inspiring:
The image shows off Karcz’s excellent eye for composition. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)
The artist relied heavily on Photoshop for this image, to be sure; skeptics will note the balloon’s shadow as being somewhat flat and off-kilter from the ray of golden light, for example. But the overall effect is pretty magical.
Much to his delight, Norwegian nature photographer and photojournalist Olav Thokle stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime when he had the chance to photograph the radiant Miss Alaska herself in a private modeling session. Thokle created many unique and beautiful images during the shoot, including the lovely shot below:
miss alaska grizzly bear brown mother olav thokle mountains
“Miss Alaska” by Olav Thokle (Via 500px. Click to see full size.)
Stunning, isn’t she?
Miss Alaska is an 18-month old brown bear who enjoys taking long walks through the Alaskan wilderness, eating delicious salmon fillets, and lounging on the beach. Despite bears’ reputation for ferocity and violence, Miss Alaska’s relaxed demeanor shows that bears can be just as laid back and lazy as the rest of us. Indeed, Thokle writes that Miss Alaska twisted and turned, threw her legs and paws into the air, and even covered her eyes at one point in her quest to get comfortable for a nap during the shoot.
Olav Thokle hails from Volda, Norway, where he spends his days photographing local wildlife and documenting Norway’s maritime heritage. “Miss Alaska” was created at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, with a Nikon D800 at 150mm, 1/100 of a second, f/11, and ISO 200.
One brave photographer climbed to the top of the mast of a boat to capture this dizzying shot. We can’t decide whether this is a gorgeous shot of the sail boat below or a nauseating shot for those with a fear of heights. However this photo makes you feel, I think we can all agree that it’s quite a unique point of view:
photo from ship mast
Photo captured by Edina Szalai (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)
Check out those gorgeous Caribbean blues and the sea floor beneath the water. Imagine the climb down—or maybe even a jump with a waterproof camera? To what heights will you go for that perfect shot?

Another funny photo has been making the rounds. This nature photographer was too engrossed in his previous photos to notice a beautiful ram standing right behind him practically begging to have his portrait taken, haha. As photographers, great photo opportunities are always around us and many go by uncaptured. Stay alert! and don’t let those opportunities get past you:
photographer misses the shot
Hi! You’ve been looking for me? (imgur)

Today’s interesting photo has been making its rounds on the internet, and we couldn’t resist giving it a feature. This picture is a hilarious send-up of the all-too-common profile self-portrait, as taken by and of a dog (and a good-looking dog she is, too!). Don’t worry, she got plenty of comments and likes on her status update, #nomakeup #justouttheshower:
dog self portrait
“Just me being a dog” (Imgur)
Taken with a fantastic fish-eye effect, there’s not much more of a back story to be found on this one. Some photos really do speak for themselves. Do you think pet self-portraits will become a trend?

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