Friday, March 25, 2016

++++ WEEKEND EXTRA: Street Photography in Tokyo, Japan

Attention Street Photographers:
Check out this special of:

Traveling is a great opportunity for photographers to surround themselves with new subjects and an unfamiliar environment where at every corner something new awaits! Street photography during travel is a way to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of a place, through photos of people, street scenes, and details that are specific to the culture. We found some amazing photos of Tokyo. Check them out:
tokyo, street, photograph, geisha
photo by Loïc Lagarde
tokyo, reflection, street, women, laugh
photo by Jota Barros
tokio, tokyo, lines, metro, girl
photo by Carlos ZGZ
tokyo, men, street, food, black, white
photo by Toomore Chiang
tokyo, panda, japan, reflection, glass, toy
photo by midorisyu
tokyo, girl, cat, black, white, monochromatic
photo by Yongha Hwang
man, work, tokyo, street, worker, boxes
photo by jamesjustin
shibuya, tokyo, tokio, crossroads
photo by Mark Barton
girl, skirt, tokyo, street
photo by tokyoform
tokyo, dark, historical, gray, geisha, rain
photo by D. Julien
tokio, tokyo, old, grandpa, grandma, underground, metro
photo by Tom Waterhouse
Contributions by PictureCorrect and article by Kristina Josic
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