Monday, March 14, 2016


special gallery of "rain" photos:


Yesterday, Monday March 13th, I posted photo tips on how to take pictures in the rain.  So, today, I wanted to post some photos of special "rain" pictures, some that are just real classic, and award winners too.  These photos will give you an idea of some of the creativity of what it takes to shoot in the rain.  I hope you enjoy this:

Photo Credit:  Rain Photos "like" on Facebook

Photo Credit:  Rain Photos,  "Like" on facebook

Photo Credit:  Rain Photos, "like" on Facebook

Photo Credit:  Rain Photos, "Like" on Facebook

Photo Credit:  Rain Photos, "Like" on Facebook

The flooding in Colorado has been in the news this week, (Sept 18th, 2013)  and even evidence-based science-type people—like the National Weather Service—describe the situation as “biblical.”  The city of Boulder got over 17 inches of rain in a week, with just over 9 of those inches coming in a single 24 hour period.  There’s over 1,200 people missing, nearly 12,000 evacuated from their homes; more than 1,500 homes were completely destroyed, and over 17,000(!) badly damaged.  The news on the ground has been horrifying, which makes the quiet beauty of this photo all the more menacing:
rainfall in colorado flood
Downpour in Colorado (Via Imgur, Click for Larger Size)
The shot was taken by Haley Luna from an airplane window and offers a unique perspective on the storms that have upended so many Coloradans.  Everything surrounding the storm looks so calm and peaceful, but for the subject of the shot.  The water seems like it’s being sprayed down with force, then splashing back up and forming a mist when it hits the ground.  On its own, without the news from Colorado as a backdrop, I’d think this were a stunning photo, real eye candy.  In context, though, it takes on a whole different tone, a tone which makes the photo even more powerful.
Here’s a heartwarming photo of an orangutan shielding himself from the rain with a taro leaf. This picture, taken by Andrew Suryono, is so incredibly cute. The orangutan doesn’t look put out or sad, he’s just peacefully sitting there watching the rain, perhaps enjoying the rhythmic and soothing pitter-patter of the warm drops:
orangutan covers himself from rain
Orangutan in the Rain by Andrew Suryono (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)
Suryono is a travel photographer from Indonesia, and this photo was taken in Bali. It has recently been nominated for Sony’s 2015 World Photography Competition.
Eduard Gordeev can make anyone want to visit Russia. Take, for example, this beautiful image of Griboedov Canal near the Nevsky Avenue, St. Petersburg:
rainy street scene russia
(Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)
Gordeev is a fine-art cityscape photographer who blends multiple images over the top one another to create acrylic painting–style works of art.
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So, I hope you enjoyed this gallery of "rain" photos.  The rainy season is now upon us, and it is time to think of something you can take in the rain.  I am surprised how "romantic" rain photos can be.  Great idea for taking photos.
Don't miss tomorrow's blog, as I go into the camera manufactures pages and find the waterproof, or weatherproof cameras that are available to us.  This will be fun to have as part of your camera arsenal.  I have one I take most everywhere, and use it just because it is a camera that I don't have to worry about if it's going to be bad weather or not.  I have a camera that will shoot in any kind of weather.  

See you tomorrow.