Thursday, February 18, 2016


With a 3 day extravaganza

Long Exposure Photography !  This is a special 3 days of special photos, Photo training, tips on how to do long exposures, and more photos, and a special collection of the best photos of photographers who have mastered Long Exposures.  Now, let me explain my plan of the 3 day extravaganza:  Today, Friday, is when I usually hold a special day of a collection of photos, or a special collection of an artists biography, or something like that.  So, in keeping with the Friday theme, I am going to present a collection of photos of various people who have mastered the art of Long Exposure Photography.  Then on Monday, which is the day that I usually hold for training tips, or "how to" do certain photography ideas.  I will do several "how to" tips on how to do Long Exposure Photos.  Then on Tuesday, another blog on Long Exposure Photography with more tips from famous photographers, plus another gallery of great photos on Long Exposure Photography.  So, 3 special days on this subject alone.   Now, first, I want to go into detail of my love for this subject:

Many years ago, I worked as a store manager in a photo store, and was able to work with many types of photography.  I got to know photography so well, you could probably ask me any question of how to do certain photography, and I could tell you exactly how to accomplish the type of photos you wanted to achieve. One day, a man walked into my store, and he said he just retired from working as a forest ranger, and now wanted to spend most of his time taking pictures of the natural beauty in the mountains that he was able to work in, but, never could because he was always on duty.  So, with that, we made sure he had all the right equipment and sent him on his way.  Then he came back after a few hikes, and said he wanted to make his streams and rivers look more soft and blurry, or make the water more "dreamy".  And asked how to do that in the middle of the day.  So, I sold him a good tripod, showed him how to use slower shutter speeds, neutral density filters, and he became the artist he wanted to be.   He moved away to another state later in life, passed away and I never did get a hold of his photos.  I saw his photos that he was taking and they were definitely worthy of any exhibit anywhere, and he was selling some of his photos in the range of $250 to $1000 per picture the last time I saw him.  These types of photos are what people love to look at.  They make scenery look more beautiful than ever.  So, with that, I am going to present to you, a collection of great photos I have seen in the last while of "long exposure photography" that will make you just want to go out and do it yourself, and add it to your collection as well.  I hope more than anything, you will be inspired to try it yourself.


 Photo Credit: Joseph Rossbach Photography

Photo Credit:  Duarte Sol Photography

Photo Credit:  Duarte Sol Photography

When I first started checking out all the different photos of "long Exposure"
Photos, I have to admit, I was surprised at the different types of 
Long exposure photos there were.  They are not just water photos, there are 
many different other ways to take long exposure photos.  And as 
you go through this gallery of photos, I tried to find a variety of different
types of long exposure photos, and of course, all of them are just incredible.
I think they bring out some of the mysteries of the world, in some cases.  So, 
please, don't stop until you have seen them all.  You will be amazed.

Picture of the day by NASA.  Photo Credit:  Michael Goh
This is a picture of the Milky way over the Pinnacles in 

Photo Credit:  Joseph Rossbach Photography

Photo Credit:  Lincoln Harrison

Photo Credit:  Lincoln Harrison

Photo Credit: Lincoln Harrison

Note:  These last 3 photos, all taken by the same photographer.
Note how he has mastered the art of long exposure so well.  3 totally
different photos, but, all 3 so very, very beautiful.  This 
last photo, the way the clouds were moving, and the water all
blurred, makes this one of my favorite photos.

Photo Credit:  Clyde Matthew Jones II

Note:  Most people think that when you are doing long exposures
you should be focusing on the ground, but, wow, look at 
what you can do with the colors in the sky with a long exposure too.
Good eye.

Photo Credit: Paul Scearce Photography

Note:  Put your camera up on the tripod, and get a good vantage point 
of your city, and it becomes lovely again, right?

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Smith

Photo Credit:  Newcastle Photography Workshops

Note:  That is a real long exposure.  Hard to believe that is even water.

Photo Credit:  Larry Bennett

Photo Credit:  Sean Allott

Note:  This is not an easy one to do.  But, takes practice to get this one.  But, isn't that magnificent.  But, that
is a series of one long exposure, with the flash going off 3 times while the dancer moves through 
the field of view.  Great job.

Photo Credit:  Tony Donofrio

This completes the first day of the 3 day extravaganza of "LONG EXPOSURE PHOTOS".   Don't miss part 2 on Monday, February 22nd, and Part 3 on Tuesday February 23rd for tips on how to do this, and more great gallery photos.  


A special thanks to all the photographers who's pictures were used in this special gallery special edition today.  Your 
creative work should be shared, and all those who view these photos today, are grateful for your contribution to the photographic world.  Thank you.