Wednesday, February 17, 2016



I was searching under Google the other day for people who do other "Photos of the Week", but, they are all news based photos.  Like.... New England Journal, or Time Magazine, or Photo Journalism's Photos of the week.  Not once did I find anyone like me that digs deep into the real photographers of the world and finds the "creative art" type photos, the ones that people really enjoy.  Who wants to see the top 10 photos of the politicians, or what happened in the wars of the world this week.  YUK.  I hope you find these photos more serene, more artistic, more like something you would want to hang up on the wall, because they are just great, and they are just created because of tenacity, timing, and patience and skill.  So, with that in mind, this week is no exception to the great artists that are out there.  Perhaps, sometime, I will be at the top of Google's search under "Photos of the Week", because this link is by far, what people really want to see.


Photo Credit: Ramachandran Muthusamy

Photo Credit: Chon Solis

Photo Credit:  Jamal Jasil Jasil

Photo Credit:  Ivan Castro

Photo Credit:  Neil Burnell  - Titled:  "Lost"

Photo Credit:  Sylvie Lapierre Tailleur


There is this week's Photos of the Week.  A great variety from the world's best photographers. 
A special Edition tomorrow, Friday, the 19th of February, will be posted.  This may be a presentation that will take several days.  Check this out:  Tomorrow, Friday, I will post a special blog on:  "Long Exposure Photography", with a small course on how to take "Long Exposure Photography".   Then on Monday, I am actually combining 2 or 3 courses that professionals have put together on how to take great photos of "Long Exposure Photography".  Then again on Tuesday, some more photos with one more photo course on how to take "Long Exposure Photography".  These photos are beautiful, and they can literally take your breath away.  And before this is over on Tuesday, you will know and love all about "how to take Long Exposure Photos.  Don't miss it at all.  It will be EPIC.