Sunday, January 3, 2016

"WINNING PHOTOS OF 2015" -addendum to 01/04/2016


We can't officially end last year without showing you some of the most incredible winning photos that have won big awards for 2015.  Some of these photos will have already been shown in magazines and in the press throughout the world already, and we wanted you to see a few of the great ones, here.  We will identify each of the winning photos, so proper credit is given:


U.S. Dept. of Interior Photo of the year.  Glacier National Park in Montana.  Photo taken by:  Kevin LeFevre.

Winner of National Geographic's Photo of the Year for 2015.  "Dirt"  Photo taken by 
James Smart

Canon's  Photo of the week:  Photo taken by Tress Chapin

From Ricoh Imaging:  Photo of the week:  Taken by:  Mauricio Hernandez.
Traces of stars from Chile

World Press Photo of the Year.  Photo taken by:  Mads Nissen Photo of the year.  Matt Clark

BH Photo's Wilderness Photo contest of the Year. Photo by Jamie MacArthur

Smithsonian Grand Prize 2015: Sewing the Fishing net. Photo by: Pham Ty


There you have, just a few international Photo winners of 2015.  Congratulations to the winners, and we have learned from you and enjoy the great creativity in all fields.
There are many chances for all to win in contests. Difficult?  Yes.  Can you do it?  I don't think some of these people ever thought they would win.  And they received some big money for some of these winning photos.  So, study these photos, and see if you can create something like this yourself.  
Good luck, and happy shooting for 2016!

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