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So, this is the first in a series of Photographer Specials.  This week, I will be highlighting "FIG SAUVAGE PHOTOGRAPHY".

I was especially drawn to Fig Sauvage Photography for two reasons:  First, the photos and the composition were really, really good, but, yet, so simple, it was like you wanted to just have these photos grace your wall.  They were photos, a lot of them, animal photos that seemed like she got them to pose for her.  I was intrigued at how the backgrounds were gone, and so that made all the subjects just stand right out.  It was obvious it was a style of her own, and that is hard to create in photography.  It seemed in the world of photography that I had come across something so unique, and yet, so beautiful at the same time.  And then, two:  most of her work was in Black and White.  Seemingly a lost art, except there are a few good photographers out there who have taken black and white photography and have made it better than it has ever been.  So, I am very proud to take some time and show you some of the most incredible photos of "FIG SAUVAGE PHOTOGRAPHY".  She has become one of my favorite photographic friends (and I have never met her in person). 

An interesting note to her Facebook page is she titles it:  Inspirations.....

"La ire"

 From the photographer, herself:
"Mostly an animal photorapher, fascinated by black and white photography.
I draw my inspiration from nature and the light that is reflected there.

I Photograph from my heart.... I feel my photo, so offering a particular vision of my feelings at the present moment.

My photos are in a soft, moving, and uncluttered style.

I often say: "anything is possible when you photograph with your heart and not your eyes".
Pieride ( de las moutarde)

"L. 'Equilibriste"


"Photographe animaliere passionnee par le Noir & Blanc, je puise mon inspiration dans la nature et la lumiere qui s'y reflete.

Photographiant avec le coeur, je ressens ma photo, offrant ainsi une vision particuliere de mes emotions du moment present.

Mes images sont d'um style doux, emouvant et epure.

Je dis souvent: "Tout devient possible quand tu photographies avec le coeur et non avec tes yeux..."


"Grue Royale"

"Au Sommet"

"Le club des 5"

"Only one in the world"

"Renaissance" (the revival)
When your past is poorly written, turn the page, just take your pen and outline your future.... (F.S)

This next one is by far my favorite one.  In Black and White, it is hard to create a good photo of "white on white".  And I think this is one photo that has been done so perfect.  I am somehow hoping this one photo, right here makes her famous, and makes her a lot of money.  Absolutely, a beautiful photo.  This photo has been highlighted once before in a special blog entitled "The Art of Black and White Photos", and I have had a lot of great comments on this photo. In fact, it has been over a month since it's posting, and I continue to get almost 10 to 20 hits per day on that post alone.  Good work !  Congratulations on doing such a great job on this one photo.  Last the best?  I think so:

" A travers ton regard"
"through your eyes"


Once again, a special thanks to FIG SAUVAGE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Your photos are wonderful, and this exciting to share your life with the world.  And you have a great talent.

For more information about this artist, please go to:   or
Facebook:  Fig Sauvage Photography - and "LIKE" her page.  


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