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Photo Credit:  Paolo Bolognini

So, what would prompt me to do a special edition on BIRDS?  I do this for two reasons:  1-  I learned a valuable lesson in my own life that we often miss the beauty around us.  And some of that beauty is the birds that fly around us.  And then 2- Birds are really beautiful creatures, and we are missing some real photo opportunities, if we do not take the time to take pictures of them.

I am going to start off with a story of mine.  I grew up here in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.  I saw birds around me all the time.  I knew of only a few birds that flew around our yard, and that was taught by my father.  The birds were the starlings, which my father did not appreciate much, and the sparrow, and the robin, and the seagull.  That was the main birds in our neighborhood.  As I grew older, I noticed that the smaller birds, that I assumed were all sparrows, had different colors.  There were some with red on them, some with yellow on them, some with even blue on them.  I was finally noticing that the sparrows came in different colors.  Then I noticed a store that specialized in taking care of wild birds.  So, my wife and I went into this store and got a book about the different birds that are in this area.  I found out that all these sparrows that were different colors were not sparrows.  They were finch's, they were "blue buntings", and then we did discover different kinds of sparrows.  We found Towhee's, Blue Scrubs, and other beautiful birds that would come down and feed off of our feeders.  Hummingbirds also arrived and entertained us with hours of magic.  We were fascinated with the colors, their attitudes towards each other, and yes, even the "sparrow hawk" made it's appearance.  So, now as I was working in the Photo Store, I see photographers taking pictures of these beautiful creatures, and I am fascinated with the art of capturing these beautiful creatures that are all around us.  So, then as I started this blog, what do I see?  Many photographers who have taken up the hobby of bird photography.  So, with that, let me introduce to you some remarkable photos of birds that have come across the internet, that I have captured to share with you now.  I hope you take the time to enjoy these, and try to do it yourself, as well.

Photo Credit:  Laurie Excell
Photo Credit:  Pedro Juarez Castano

Photo Credit:  Isak Pretorius

Photo Credit: Sukla Senai
Photo Credit:  Gary Clarke

Photo Credit:  Jamie MacArthur

Photo Credit:  Larry Jernigan / Trumpeter Swan - from Portfolio of Global Photographers

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


There you have 12 different types of birds that you may have in your own backyard, or not.  This post is just hoping that you will look around you and SEE the beauty of the birds that are around you, and notice their color, their personality, and see what nature has to offer you, the photographer.  

Hope you enjoyed  this "Special Edition" of photos.  There will be more to come for sure.  Some of the "Special Edition" features have been a big hit, so, I look forward to presenting more.  

Thank you for your support, and pass this on, and share it.

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