Thursday, December 10, 2015

**** New Technology Update *** A camera that will follow you

New Technology Update:

A device that will follow you and take pictures of you !


A new feature on this blog is for me to find special products and new products and announce them to the world.  I think this is another new and exciting product.  

Here is a device that you can set up on a tripod, and it will follow you.  You just wear a special arm band, and it tracks you wherever you go.  It is something that will work with almost any type of camera.  It is a device you put on the top of the tripod.  Enough of me babbling.  You have to take a look at this.  I have the website for you to look at, and make sure you scroll down to the lower part of their home page to see the video. 

Also, check out the youtube link:

Youtube link:

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