Monday, December 7, 2015

**New Technology Update** 360 degree camera now available

New technology update:

360 degree digital camera:


I think this is the perfect place to notify my readership of the newest and latest technology that I find in the world of Photography.  So, I will take the time to post this randomly as I find these announcements, if they are really noteworthy.

I was in the local photo shop today, and was impressed by a new camera on display.  Took a careful look at what it does, and thought it was worth passing on.  

I think it is simply called the V360 Life. A camera with a lens on top of the camera that shoots in 360 degrees.  Never miss anything in front of you, or behind you.  Plus, when you go to print something from it, you can print up to 5 camera modes, so that you don't just get this picture of something round.  I was afraid of some big fisheye picture, but, this is something you can flatten out to make one incredible panorama if you want, or crop just what you want.  I don't want to go into explaining everything about it, but, I will give you the link to their website.  You have to check this out!!  Way cool!!

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