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So, Something a little different this time.  Not just a training program, but, maybe.  There is Christmas out there, and I know that there are some of my readership who does not celebrate this holiday, but, the majority of this readership does.  But, that doesn't matter.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce our minds to some of the creative things inventors are coming up with, great gadgets for the photographers, like us, in the world today.  Some are just kind of fun, and some of these products, I just shake my head.  But, in reality, it is fun to see what crazy things are out there.  And, it is good not to be so serious once in a while.  So, with that, lets start with some of the crazy gadgets I have found, just in time for the holidays.


A  spy lens for your DSLR camera.  Notice that the lens is actually on the side of the main lens.  You point it forward, and with a mirror in the body of the lens, it takes a picture at a 90 degree angle of where you point it.  Cool, huh?

How about a lens that is not really a lens.  It is a cup!  Yes, won't people just about go crazy when they see you pour a drink into your lenses?  That would be fun.  A perfect replica of your lenses, and it is just a great looking cup.

Yes, it's true, they make lenses for your cell phone.  Can you remember the time you wish you had a bigger lens for your cell phone, because that is the only piece of camera equipment that you have?  Well, now you can get lenses for your cell phone.  And this really works.  This is not some toy!  They make real good lenses for your cell phones.  So, if you are serious about having these with your accessories, you better get these.

A new and exciting way to display your photos!  Corner mount frames.  They will wrap around any corner in your room, so you can display them very creatively.  You can certainly be the talk of creativity for a while with these unique frames for your photos.

Photo magnets!  Now, I have actually seen these before in real life, and think they are pretty cool.  You can have a magnet based material put on a photo you have had printed, and then you can have your refrigerator decorated with your favorite photos.  Why not?  What's on your fridge?  Your favorite photos should be there, right?

Now, isn't this charming?  Bracelets that look like your favorite lens rings?  No one has these, do they?  Make this a unique gift for your favorite someone, and get them these new rubberized or silicone based bracelets.  Definitely different.  

Ever wondered if your camera was really level or not?  Now you can know for certain.  Here is the level, that is designed to slide on your flash shoe, and tell you if you are level, either horizontal or vertical.  A must have gadget for every photographer, who is working with crooked mountains.

When this picture was taken, this was still in design stage, but, it may be available now or very soon.  But, this is a solar powered neck strap!!  Really! A strap that will keep your camera going as long as you want outside.  A photographers dream.  Never run out of power again.  


Now this is just a sampling of some of the great gadgets available now.  I might mention that the website I pulled this off, did not have prices on any of these products or where you could buy them from.  So, this is just an information publication.  So, if you are serious about any of these products, and I probably will look up some of these my self, I guess the best place is to "google it" and find out where you find this stuff.  (Isn't it interesting how "google it" has become a working word in the English language? )  So, there are some things above here that I find could be very useful.  So, I am not putting some of this out to totally be silly, but, there are some things that are kind of silly as well.  But, I hope you enjoyed this week's blog.  


Don't miss this Thursday's "Photos of the Week".  I already have them picked out and they are incredible.  I also have a few "Special Edition" displays coming, that I hope you will enjoy.  The "Art of Black and White Photography"  issue was, by far, one of the most popular issues I have ever done.  So, I am looking for more great things to publish as "Special Edition" publications.  Those are specialized and certainly highlight some great photographers at the same time.  

Thank you for all your support.

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