Wednesday, November 4, 2015



New month, new photos, and exciting finds from all over the world.  This week is no exception, and I am really excited, once again, to bring this week's PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.


Photo credit:  Ghazali Sanusi

Photo Credit:  Ele O Nora Bruscolini

Photo Credit:  David Hartfield, from Outdoor Photographer's 
Photo of the day

Photo credit:  Ahmed Farooq

Photo Credit:  Erwin Buske Photography 

Photo Credit:  Horacio Martins


That is this weeks Photos of the Week.  All very unique, and all their own personality.  A good variety in this weeks photos.  I have to make a comment on some of these.  The close-up shot of the bison, the winner from Outdoor Photographer's photo of the day:  I am sure someone is wondering just how close the photographer got to the bison  to get that photo.  And I am sure that any good photographer has some serious respect to that massive animal, and took that with a very good telephoto lens.  Congratulation to David Hartfield on that impressive shot of that animal in it's real natural habitat. Speaking of animals, that photos by Ele O Nora Bruscolini was stunning to see the life of those animals and people that live in the frozen tundra.  A story in itself.  Also, the photo from Erwin Buske Photography is very unique, because of the slow shutter speed used to blur the water, but, notice the rainbow in the background.  Perfect timing to get such a shot.  Nice going on that one.  And the first photo:  how do you get a cat to do that?  Amazing shot Ghazali Sanusi.  And that photo of the couple overlooking the lake on that cliff?  Really?  Tells a great story from Ahmed Farooq.  And finally, the last photo from Horacio Martins, to capture the innocence of this child like that, is just tugs at your heart strings.  

All just wonderful and exciting photographs.  I just can't wait till you see next weeks Photos Of the Week.  They are just as good.  Pass on the word.  Or, yours may be here some day too.

Don't miss our exciting blog this coming Monday:  Talking about the different types of photography that photographers eventually gravitate to.  I think you will find it very interesting. 


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