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So, you take lots of photos with your cell phone, or pocket camera.  There are many here reading this who are a little more professional who take lots of professional photos as well.  This week I would like to introduce you to some of the things you can do with all those photos you take.  

Years ago, when all there was was film cameras, it seemed that people were exposed (no pun intended) to the different services that was available to people who took pictures.  But, what about now?  You have a camera, and you store all your photos on your cell phone, or small camera, download them on your computer, or share them on Facebook or Twitter, and that is about all you do with your photos now.  

I think we are missing the potential of this hobby or this profession, if you want.  There are so many things you can do with your photos that will help you to love the photos you have even more.  Have you ever been into a place that offers photo services lately?  It is incredible what they can do now.  Compared to the times when they had to use chemicals to develop the film, and then when they did enlargements and run the paper through chemistry as well, the prices of the services have dropped tremendously, so, we can enjoy these services even more.  Here are some examples:

Now, I am going to give an example of a local store's prices, so, they could vary from location to location.  This is just an example.  But, remember in the old days of film how much these things cost.  Also, remember the sizes are in inches, not in centimeters (America just hasn't caught on to the metric system yet).  

Size       Today               Before with film (approx)
3X5          .09 cents                     .29 cents
4X6          .15                              .36
5X7          .65                              1.50
8X10         2.00                            4.50
11X14        4.50                            11.95
16X20        20.00                           40.00
20X30        29.00                           45.00
36X48        47.00                           N/A
40X60        75.00                           N/A

Plus, look what you can do with your enlargements for just a minimal charge.  You can have them mounted on canvas, metal, and canvas wrapped.  So many times we go into stores and buy photos to put on our walls.  STOP.  Put your own photos on your wall.  You can do it.  It is not that much more anymore.  It will mean so much more if you are putting your own photos on the wall.

And now, pick 12 of your favorite photos and make your own calendar.  Start planning that now.  Get your own collection and make your own personal calendar, and have it ready by the end of the year.  Take it into a local photo services shop and have it done.

 If  you have your own business, you can make your own banners or signs.  I know in our area, there is a photo business that takes photos and applies those photos to automobiles for advertising.  So, your photos will enlarge very nicely now. 
Photo greeting cards, Christmas Cards, birthday cards, announcement cards.  You can personalize your own cards with photos that you have taken.  This just makes photography so much more fun now.

And for the serious photographer, put your photos in a book.  If you just went on vacation, put the whole vacation in a book, hardbound, good forever.  You can customize your books so that it looks professional now, and usually, you can create it yourself in the right type of store.  

You just have to search for a store that offers photo services for digital photography.  And you will have so much more fun with your pictures.  

For those of you who have the old film-type pictures still kicking around the house, you can have them all converted to digital.  Usually they will put up to 400 images on a DVD for you for a minimal charge, and then you can view them as you would any other type of digital image.  So, get your old photos digitized and get them off Facebook too.  Hehe.


So, hope you get inspired to do something with your photos so you can personally enjoy them even more.  There is so many things you can do with them now.  Much more than we ever had before.  

A reminder of "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK"  this coming Thursday.  I already have the most beautiful pictures from around the world.  You should just be excited to see them.  I am excited to just find these.  It inspires me to go take pictures like this.


Next Monday, for those who celebrate Halloween, we will have a special edition of "how to take great Halloween Photos".  A lot of different lighting situations and fun things go on for Halloween, so, hopefully, you will enjoy this one. 

See you Each Thursday, and Monday.


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