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This is a subject that plagues a lot of photographers.  Sometimes, you get carried away in taking the pictures, that you are so focused on the subject, that you forget that the camera still sees everything.  And then when you get your picture, you see there is something wrong with their head !!  OH NO, SHE HAS A TREE GROWING OUT OF HER HEAD  !!!  YIKES !  And then you say, I don't remember seeing that.  So, that is what I hope we accomplish in this subject today.  When you take pictures of people, WATCH the background very carefully.  It will involve just moving a few feet to get the better picture too, that is all it takes.


But, sometimes it goes beyond the trees, it goes into the home.  What is in the background of where you are shooting.  I know, isn't this an adorable child?  Isn't the room messy?  Some people won't care.  Some people will never have that hanging on the wall with all the clutter in the background.  So, just move somewhere where there is not so much stuff in the background.  Then you could have the perfect picture.  I have seen pictures where the rooms are so much worse than this.  The rooms have clothes all over the floor, the closet doors are open, curtains have been partially torn, etc.  It is crazy how awful a picture can turn out when the background is so awful. 

I thought this was good for the serious photographer.  Use a plain background.  I know some photographers who carry a black piece of velvet in their camera bag, just for putting that in the background of their photos.  Check out some of the close up photos of flowers you have seen posted on this blog.  Some of them have been breathtaking, because they have been shot with a total black background.  That is because the photographer had his own backdrop. It's a great idea.  Control your own backdrop on close-ups if you can.

The trees don't always go up.  Look at the background as a whole.  That poor person has had a tree rammed through his ears, I think.  You seriously have to watch the background in all directions, and it's effect on the subject.

Now, this is a different distraction.  But, important if you are taking portraits.  Watch the jewellery.  It's probably not all that bad, but, it is not hanging right on her, and it distracts from the photo.  I remember taking portraits as a professional and constantly watching the jewellery.  Make sure they are hanging right, and they are where they should be.  And if the person wants them to be a part of the picture. 

And finally, the biggest problem to watch out for is lighting distractions.  Here it appears, in the camera, that all is well.  A plain background, but, those spot lights are overwhelming in the end.  They flare out, and sometimes interfere with the subjects.  You really have to watch out for everything.  Light is something that can always be your enemy if you are not careful. 

So, that is this weeks tip.  Make sure you watch closely as you take your pictures, that you look through your whole frame.  See the background, foreground, around your subjects, and if that all looks good, then go ahead and make it look spectacular.  You can do it by practice, practice, practice.  Photography is an art.  And no one becomes good at it without practice.


Next weeks subject:  It will be a surprise.  I have something up the sleeve, so, watch out for it.  It should be fun.  But, in two weeks, for those who celebrate the wicked holiday of Halloween, we will give some special tips on how to take some good Halloween photos.  


Don't miss this coming Thursday's edition of "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK".  I have found a special selection of portraits, that I think I have found to be just incredible.  I know you will enjoy them and you, too, will be inspired. 

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