Sunday, October 4, 2015


Candid Portraiture

Unconventional or Candid portraits compared to professional Portraits are two totally different things.  Professional portraits are staged, or brought into a studio or an outdoor setting and with staged lighting, usually.  But, candid portraits are just that, candid.   They are just pictures taken sometimes without the person knowing it, or while they are just in their own environment, not really posed but just caught in the moment.  But, when you get that picture you look at it and say, "ahh, now that is truly how this person should be remembered".  The easiest candid photos are the pictures of children.  They are just playing, or doing something, and you snap the camera of them doing something that will always be remembered, and usually worth hanging on the wall.  

Candid photos can also be taken of the person at their work.  Sometimes nothing tells about a person more than catching them at what they do for their livelihood.  What do they do all day?  Well, capturing a moment of what they do, will mean something to their posterity more, than a regular portrait.

And then there is the bridal pictures.  When the pictures are taken of the big day for the bride and groom, you know what touches the heart of the bride when she looks back at the big day?  It is not the pictures of her, but, the pictures of the event, and who was there and things that took place at the event.

Then, as you look for opportunities to take pictures of people, pictures that would be good enough to hang on the wall, remember this:  look for something that tells a story about that person.  Here are several pictures that just tell a story of that person, that are just storytelling, compelling photos.

These 3 photos above are photos that just show the personality of the persons.  It shows who they really are.  It just makes you know them, doesn't it.  It takes a certain skill to capture people this way.  So, get to know your family, friends and loved ones and take pictures of them that show their personality.  I chuckle a little bit, as I walked through a cemetery today and noticed the gravestone of one of the people there, and it had the animated character of "Grumpy" from the Walt Disney show:  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and I thought, it would be interesting to know the deceased person, because even as they laid his body in the grave, he was known as "Grumpy".  Can you capture the personality of a friend or loved one as they truly are?  And that is the challenge you have doing candid photography.  Doing professional photography, you usually try to mask who they really are, and candid photography captures the true element of the personality of the person.  So, there is your challenge.  Go, make it happen.


Don't miss this week's PHOTOS OF THE WEEK.  This is now one of the more popular blogs on the internet, and I literally go hunting for good photos.  If you are posting your photos on the Facebook, or on some photography website, I may find it and it may become the PHOTO OF THE WEEK.  I really have a lot of fun searching for these, and I now get a lot of pageviews or hits on this now, much more than I thought I would get.  So, look for that every Thursday.

A fun announcement for those who are really following this blog:  I have been doing this now for just over 2 months.  This has really been fun to do for me, and my readership has continued to grow, and grow.  I have several places now in which to find this blog.  And this week I will pass over 1000 pageviews for this  blog.  Which I think is amazing for a blog to have that many hits in just this short of time.  So, thank you so much for your support.  I forsee this as being a big website for people to come to for instruction, and for viewing pleasant photos of real winning photos.  So, once again, thank your for your support and, please pass this on to your friends and family who love photography.
Next Monday's subject:  WATCH OUT FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT !!  You will understand when you read next weeks photos, but, you have probably seen those pictures of people with trees growing out of their heads?  That is what we will be talking about.   See you then!!!


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