Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Here is this week's "Photo's of the week".  I think it takes me a week to find these pictures now, because I just don't look for ordinary pictures.  I want to find those really rare photos, that when you see them, you go, "Oh, wow".  So, with that in mind, here is this week's photos:

I think it is hard not to get a good picture in Japan.  But, to get the lighting just right, makes this picture even better.  I am a firm believer that clouds in the sky make a scenery picture much better.

This again is a scenery picture where clouds play a part in the overall part of the picture.  Plus, the backlight was used to some great advantage.  Absolutely making a desert scene into something really, really beautiful.

This  one just caught my eye, because it has special meaning to our family.  Our middle son climbed this big mountain, and it is a big one.  Mount Shasta in California.  I think these big mountains look much more impressive with just a snow cap on them, and here again, with just those few clouds again, just add to the picture.  Beautiful.

This is just one of those pictures where lighting is the key to making this just a beautiful picture.  If  you recall I mentioned that sometimes to become a great photographer takes great patience.  This is one where you wait for the proper lighting to get the scenery picture just perfect.

Some pictures are taken just to tell a story.  Where would you ever find a picture like this?  And how could you describe this?  You can't.  You have to be there, take the picture to explain this to people.  A truly moving picture of how some people live in the world.  A truly priceless picture that tells a perfect story.


So, that is our 5 photos of the week.  I want to mention that I have a new email address.  I opened up this email address so that you, the reader, could make suggestions, ask questions about photography or just comment on my blog.  I will use some of your questions on future blogs.   So, don't be shy, I will be glad to respond to them if you have questions.
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And remember, next Monday when I discuss how to take great action photos, including sports photography.

Lanny Cottrell

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