Thursday, September 10, 2015


Most of this weeks photos will be based on this week's subject, which is "Close-up" photos.  I have been looking around the world from various artists to find some truly great close-up photos, and I think I have found some truly great, outstanding close-up photos.  I am hoping I give the proper credit to those whose pictures I have found, because they truly have come from all over the world.  This blog now has been going a little over 6 weeks now, and already is being viewed in over 10 countries, and I hope this becomes the place that photographers come to learn, send their friends to learn about photography, and get inspired by the beauty that is in photography. With that being said, let's show you my picks for this weeks "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK":
Remember cell phone viewers, turn your camera horizontally to get the full proper view of these photos.
Photo Credit: Enchanting Exposures w/ Click Pics
(Note:  Love this close-up for the dark background.  Makes the plants stand out so vivid)

Note:  Love the composition to this photo.  Great color, balanced nicely.
Photo credit:  Unknown at this time.

Photo Credit:  Siyong Lee
(Note:  Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  Good photography takes great patience)

Photo Credit:  Sandra Cottrell
(Note:  Love the contrast of the seasons:  Winter and Spring together and the colors and the contrast of it all)

(Note:  I love the detail.  The polen on the bee and the flower is so sharp.  The rich color of the flower)


Hope you enjoyed the "Photos of the Week".   And be sure to check out my blog next Monday, as we look at "how to take great Pictures of Pets and animals".

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