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October 1st, 2015

Here we go with this weeks edition of "Photos of the Week".  I think this has become the article to look for.  Don't you just love looking at the most incredible photos found throughout the world?  This is the  place. I have tried to do a real variety in the photos this week, so, this should inspire all types of photographers this time.  I have found photographs from different Photographers, both amateur, semi-pro, or even some professionals who have just put their talents to work to come up with some incredible photos.  So, here we go:

Photo Credit:  Nestoy Simoes

I think this is the first time I have posted a portrait as Photo of the week.  But, really, how adorable!  The composition is perfect, the background and foreground blurred out, and the subject, with this portrait, has something to look at.  A truly great portrait.  

Photo Credit:  Jeremy Kapell

This is the time of year  when the storms we get are a little more serious.  And I would say, this is being at the right place at the right time, and not being too scared to get the perfect shot.  The lighting on this makes this water spout seem even more ominous.  Great photo Jeremy.

Photo Credit:  Fabio Malloggi

Now, I don't often post photos like this, but, this one I found really unique, because as I looked at this, I thought this was a really unique tree, that both sides are so identical.  I am going to not spoil how this photo was done, but, I think the magic of this creation is incredible and worthy of Photo of the week.   

Photo Credit:  Wanderlust Art by Hollynn

There are a lot of autumn pictures out there right now, and there was a lot to choose from.  Scenery by the bunches, but, this one just caught my eye by the way it was composed.  The foreground had the old wagon cart in the front, just made the picture more unique than just a scenery picture.  So, this got my vote this week.  There will still be lots of time for more great fall photos that are all over the internet, but, this is the choice today.  Great composition.

Photo Credit:  Chris Asche

And finally, speaking of great autumn pictures, here is one that had so much different colors, this one just had to be my vote.  My wife and I went out to take some photos this last weekend, and we struggled to find some good ones this year.  Found out that many of the trees were infected by some kind of virus, and were all but dead.  So, I love to see some good autumn pictures this year.  This is what I like to look for in a good autumn scenery, is some good variety in color.  Congratulation Chris on finding the perfect balance in this photo.


Congratulations to this weeks winners of  "Photos of the Week".  It just inspires me to want to take the time to go out and find some more great things to take pictures of.
A reminder that this coming Monday, October 5th, is the weekly learning subject on candid portraiture.  This should be a fun topic.  These are the most memorable pictures of all.  


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