Thursday, August 27, 2015


I was driving up to an appointment to Park City, Utah just two days ago, and noticed that there was some changes to the leaves on the mountains already.  Yes, Autumn is just around the corner.  Think about it, the first day of Autumn is less than a month away.  Earlier in the week, I posted the blog about how to take great landscape photos, thinking that many people will soon be out taking pictures, or at least enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  So, even though it is not fall yet, I wanted to post a dozen pictures, or, a photo gallery of some great fall photos to get us excited for the upcoming season.  So, this is just to add to the earlier blog about landscape photography, and for us to enjoy some great art in photography.

Now, looking at these photos, did you take some of the things we have taught in the previous blogs and see how they have applied in these photos?  Hope you can see how those things applied in these pictures and that is what made them so spectacular.

See you next week.

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