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The photos of this week are probably some of the most popular types of photos that I put on this blog.  And that is a special collection of animal photos.  Those cute and adorable creatures that we have all made a part of our lives.  These are winning photos that make the grade to become titled:  "Photos of the week".  Hope you enjoy this week's treasure find:

This baby rhino is practicing her best charge!

Lovely fawn!

Hedgehog babies! :) Did you know that the babies are born with the quills beneath the skin so they can travel safely through the birth canal?

Hello there! Are we related?

Hey... mind sharing?

Curious Burrowing Owlet! Credit: Hisham Atallah


A tiny red-bellied short-necked turtle! This Australian turtle is a side-necked turtle that pulls its head in from the side vs. straight in as turtle do in North America. The bright colors of this attractive turtle give it the pet trade nick-name of "painted terrapin".

Guessing this cat is named "Snowplow"!

This amazing photo is of a stout muskox in Alaska. They disappeared from that area at the end of the 19th century but have since been reintroduced.

Caught ya! :) Photo: Oli Dreike

Amazing to see mountain goats in action! Hard to believe they can climb these cliffs so adeptly. Wow!

That concludes this week's "Photos of the Week" with a special on:  "The Joy of Animals".  If you would like to see more of these incredible photos go to:
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