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           MARCH 30TH, 2017

Photo by Pamela Locke

Some people are blessed to have Mother Nature bless them with beautiful trees, light fog just at the right time.  Or, Pamela knows how to take a rather overcast day, and find the beauty in it.  Pamela always seems to find the right time and the right places to photograph.  Her quote about this photo:
Small places! 💛 There hasn't been much sun this winter, however there has been plenty of atmosphere. This little place caught my eye early on a foggy morning.
Lives in: Natchitoches, Louisiana

Check out Pamela's other great photos on her Facebook website by going to:

Photo by Jim Miller

You know what makes a great photographer?  It is when you catch a person, in their natural environment, with true feeling.  Can't you just tell this artist is really good, and deserves to be on the street entertaining everyone?  I want to listen to him.  Congratulations Jim on capturing FEELING.
Here is the information about this photo from Jim Miller:
Walking the streets of Strasbourg, France, there were a number of very good street musicians. I Especially enjoyed this guy, perhaps because he put so much emotion into his playing, even though much of his audience was more interested in shopping or eating.
Lives in: Loudon, Tennessee

Photo by Adriano Lompi

Some people just know how to take pictures of flowers correctly.  They have the right depth of field, and either they add the water on the flower, or it just happens to be there.  Whatever the case is, Adriano Lompi is a true artist when it comes to taking pictures of flowers.  I have been following his artwork for some time, and I am always  amazed that almost every flower photo is just this beautiful. Congratulations Adriano Lompi for winning this week's list.
Lives in Asti, Italy

Photo by Jose Manuel Rodriguez

Sometimes when I post wildlife photos as a winning photo, it seems that I always post the wild, ferocious tiger, or giraffe.  But, the beauty of a small bird is so often missed, and Jose Manuel Rodriguez is a professional at capturing these beautiful creatures.  Sometimes we see these birds fly around but hardly ever get the equipment to see how beautiful they really are.  Jose really captured this beautiful bird with this shot. 
Lives in: Algeciras, Spain

PICOGORDO.Coccothraustes coccothraustes

This is an artist who I am very intrigued with.  He has made his appearance once before on my special of: "The Art of Black and White".  But, not only is he so well rounded in color and black and white, but, his vision is incredible.  This capture of flowers on the cement is unique.  Tastefully done, composed so well, it just strikes me as one that would be a favorite on the wall of many people's homes.  Congratulations to Varma on such a great photo.  I think we may see more of his work.
Lives in: Rajahmundry, India

To see more of his work, go to his Instagram page:

Photo by April Reeves

"Tiny Dancer"
April Reeves has become one of my favorite portrait photographers.  The class and beauty of her portraits is second to none.  And her sweet little models are beautiful too.  That helps.  But, the posing, the vignette, the props, the soft tone to the picture all make it such a masterpiece.  
Thank you April for creating such a great photo.
To get more information about April Reeves go to:
Lives in: Lafayette, Louisiana
Or her main website:


There you have 6 of the best photos from off the internet found this week from great photographers.  Congratulations to these winners.
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