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February already.  2017 is moving right along.  And now we are getting into the latter part of winter for most of us.  And that means we are getting some more incredible photos.  This is this week's incredible finds of photos I have found from social media, internet, etc. that have graced the world's electronic media.  So, these are truly winners, some professional, and some amateurs.  So, take a look and learn from them, and hopefully, some day, your photos will be on this page too.

Photo taken by:  DL Jones > Portfolio of Global Photographers
Well, is this a hard photo to take?  Yes, how do you get a good picture of snow?  I love how the composition of this works so well.  The rule of thirds, and the quiet photo of desolation.  This photo, for those who experience a lot of snow, know that this is just how winter is.  And this photo draws that emotion out of you.  Congratulations Mr. Jones.   A great photo.

Portrait taken by:  Lisa Holloway

Lisa is a pro at capturing photos of little children.  She knows how to capture the sweetness of little children, how to pose them, how to melt our hearts.  And of course, the models are just beautiful as well.  Congratulations Lisa on such a great photo.
Check out Lisa's website at:
LJHolloway Photography is a photographer specializing in custom portraiture in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Lisa offers small group workshops a few times a year as well as online post processing classes. Please e-mail if you are interested in details.

From OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY:  Photo of the Day:  by  Sherry Bell
Photo Of The Day: “My Nirvana” by Sherry Bell Photography. Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Photo from the group:  INDOMITA PASSIONE
There is nothing like capturing the perfect garden, at the perfect time, at the perfect time of day.  Everything in this garden reaches out to me, and begs me to stay.  Great photo.

Photo by:  Sebatstian Tontsch > PHOTOSHOP & LIGHTROOM
Amazing photo capture of Dubai at night.  With a long exposure and some great computer work, I think this photo is amazing.  Color, and the capture of long exposure makes this a masterpiece of using light correctly.  Congratulations on this great photo.

Photo taken by:  Bayéré Zouzoua‎  and winner of the photo of the month in THE STREET LEVEL PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP.

Congratulations to Bayere for winning this photo in the Street Level Photography Group.  This is a large group and it is great to win in this group.  This is the type of photo I like:  it touches emotions when you add fog, and a countryside setting like this.  A great photo, and definitely a winner. 

So, there you have this week's Photos of the Week.  Great photos from all over the world, including winning photos from other organizations. We will find them where ever they may be.

See you next Thursday for more winning photos.
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