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When you plan on going on a photo adventure, just for the fun of it, sometimes you will run into just nothing.  I will explain.  My wife and I just love to go on a photo trek or adventure together.  We both have our own cameras, we both have ideas of what we want to take pictures of, and we both hope for some fantastic photos.  Mostly we take scenery photos when we go out, and we look for the perfect shots.
Let me tell you the scenario yesterday, though.  Maybe you have run into something like this:  We are at a time of year when the scenery, in general, is quite ugly.  Grey everywhere.  Spring has not come yet, so no pretty foliage anywhere, dirty snow if any from all the left-over snow and plowed snow on the roads. Storm moving in, so no blue skies, so we had gray ground, gray skies, gray, dirty snow, gray foliage.  If I wanted to calibrate my camera to the perfect 18% gray, I would have it yesterday. 
Then we thought, maybe we could get a good sunset photo.  NOPE, clouds to far down, and the sun was not going to get through.  So, then we start looking around for something in the drive for something unique.  That brings up the next point:

So, we are driving along in some very, very small remote town, and finally come across this:
Photo by: Lanny Cottrell
A church, burned down in 2002, just the shell remains, and left standing in some remote town.  The church built in 1898 leaves a huge story behind.  And actually what makes it unique for us, is that because it was cloudy, and overcast, we had no shadows to deter from the full splendor of the photo.  I will probably work on this a bit on the computer and give it a blue sky, and make it more dramatic still.  So, to me, what we thought was going to be a photo shoot with nothing turned out to be a winner.  When you know you may not get the best in scenery, look for something in the small towns, or closeups:
Frost on the berries, by Lanny Cottrell
So, options are the town's unique things, or even closeup items. Look for those things when the things you wanted to do, just didn't work out, and you will make your photographic journey a success.
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