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Ahh, the last month of the year, and the photos this month are once again, amazing, and changing with the seasons as well.  Great photos from all around the world.  So, enjoy these photos found from photographers from all over the world, from professionals, and amateurs, who happen to have found the perfect composition, and the being in the right place at the right time.  Congratulations to all the following Photographers:

Photo by Pamela Locke
I looked at this photo a dozen times, came back to it, and reflected on a recent blog I did about developing the "eye for Photography".  And then I mentioned to Pamela, that she had definitely had the eye for photography because how many people would just drive through this countryside and totally not see what she is seeing?  The light through the trees, the fog, the mist, the mood of this picture.  And I think if I was driving down this road, I would be thinking that the flashing of the light would give me a migraine!!!. But, Pamela saw the beauty of light.  Congratulations Pam.... this photo is amazing. 

Photo and computer work done by:  Keeling Meyrick

Now once in a while, we have a winning photo, that goes, shall we say, is just a little bit different.  But, you have to say that this takes a lot of creativity, and it goes beyond the camera.  Yes, first, you have to premeditate this whole work of art.  You have to think about the photo in the end, and what it will turn out to be in the end.  And then you hope you have the talent to make it happen.  And in this case, Keelling made it happen.  Amazing work of art.  So, congratulations to Keeling for creating an amazing work of art. 

Photo taken by:  Giuseppe D'amico
A good animal photo? A good action shot?  All of the above.  The shutter speed was set perfect to get the action of this bear eating a fish.  Perfect shot of nature in it's finest.  Congratulations to Giuseppe for this magnificent photo.   This is simply titled: Fishing - Kamchatka, Russia .  So we can appreciate what it takes to get a photo like this??  Yeah, a big lens as well.  You wildlife photographers know how to pack the big lenses.  By the way, Giuseppe has a photo that is in the running for being chosen as a photo of the day by National Geographic Magazine.  Let's help him out by voting his photo as the best.  Go to:

This photo was posted from:  "24 Stunning photos of Nature that look like Heaven"

“Breathing in the fresh air, finding beautiful patches of large-flowered trilliums, and standing among 400-year-old giants never ceases to provide a thrill.”

No photographers name was posted but this notation was noted:  The “Wilderness Forever” Photo Contest received over 5,000 entries this year. The exhibition of winning photos can be seen on display in “Wilderness Forever: 50 Years of Protecting America’s Wild Places” a new photo exhibition at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC through summer of 2015.

So, this is from an expired collection, but, the photos are very worth looking at, and of course, they are all winning photos.  I am adding one more photo from that collection here to add to the Photos of the week:

Mountain Goats, Colorado

Portrait of the Week:
Photo taken by:  Brooke Doesburg

This Portrait of the Week just makes us all smile for Christmas.  To me it sparks interest in wanting to go and create the same photo as well.  What a smile, and it was just well posed, and you can tell the child was having a good time.  The lighting on the child is perfect, the lighting in the background was also done well, and even blurred out just right.  This photo was submitted to "Photoshop & Lightroom" but that is the beauty of working that in the computer:  You never know what was done to improve upon that photo.  It just came out magnificent.  Congratulations, Brooke on a well done photo, that everyone will love.

That's it for this week's Photos of the Week.  Congratulations to the winners, and I hope you enjoy the special recognition.  And as usual, a special advertising blitz on this blog will be going out so that many, many people all over the world will see these amazing photos.  Be sure to share this special Photos of the week with all your friends and family.

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