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Wow !  That is all I can say !  Such incredible photos I have found throughout the world.  Wonderful photos from professionals, amateurs, that are just amazing.  Congratulations to the photographers, and those who helped make these photos what they are.  And to all of us who will, hopefully, learn from these photos, so we too, can become great photographers too.

Here is this week's winning photos:

Photo taken by:  Ahad AL Najm

What is like about this portrait is it's simplicity, but, everything is so perfect.  The light in the eyes, the overall look he got from the model..... just like you know her.  A wonderful portrait taken by a great photographer.  Thank you Ahad AL Najm for your great skills in this portrait.

There are several things that make this a winning photo.  The composition of this is perfect, the lighting of the sun to these plants, flowers, whatever they are, is timed perfect.  And the colors, are also just the right colors, caught at sunset, the golden hour to make everything snap.  Congratulations to the photographer:  Marcio Cabral for this incredible photo, who posted this with:  FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY.   Simply titled:  Paepalanthus wildflower at sunset.

This photo is from the Like Page:  AMAZING PICTURES.  When I first looked at this, I had no idea what this was, and you probably won't either.  So, let me put their explanation to this whole picture:

This is the pic of a space shuttle leaving our atmosphere taken from space by NASA. Amazing isn't it. And how nano are we in the cosmic scale

Congratulations to NASA for winning this week's "Photo of the Week".

I am going to guess that this photo was taken at the zoo.  But, who cares.  This is just an amazing photo of this tiger that would scare me to death if it came at me looking like that.  Catching that tiger in that pose, is just catching it just right and certainly worthy of "Photo of the Week".  I have been to the zoo with my kids a lot of times, waiting for that tiger to even go in the water and it has never happened yet.  So, congratulations to the photographer.  Information I have is:  This was posted in NATURE'S AMAZING PICTURES,  And any credit would go to:  With Ashish Bhardwaj and Nikhil Sharma.  Thanks for sharing this photo.  Certainly an amazing photo.

This photo was posted on the Like page:  1,000,000 Amazing pictures.  It is titled:  Love cannot be described It must be tasted.....  When you look at both the tiger and the human, you would never guess that both could put out such emotion.  So, this kind of stuff we have seen as a viral video on Facebook or Twitter before, but, to capture it in a photo like this is amazing.   I have no record of the Photographer with this, but we will give credit to the sponsor:  1,000,000 Amazing Pictures, for providing this photo.

Just to show you that we know winning photos when we see them.... this photo was also the winning photo from Popular Photography magazine on their website.  Photo was taken by:  Cedric Oberlin.  Congratulations to Cedric for capturing this musician in action. 
This photo was captured at the famous La Badaboum in Paris. 


That is a great group of amazing photos.  Congratulations to the winners, and if I was one of these photographers, I would be sharing these with all my friends and family.  And you could do the same.  These photographers would appreciate the publicity, I am sure, as this blog goes out to the whole world.  So, thanks for your support, and I will see you next Thursday.

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