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Now, I have to confess, that I used to work in a camera store, and one of the things we used to try to sell a lot was camera filters.  We made a lot of money on this type of accessory, but, the cool thing about filters is that it did so much in creating new and exciting things for your photos.  It made you DIFFERENT than other photographers.  Not many people could master Filter photography. And I will be honest, there are photographers out there now, that say that you should not need to use filters any more because you can do all the changes in the computer after you have taken the photo.  My answer to that is:  TIME.  How long does it take to slip a filter on your camera vs. getting a picture uploaded on your computer, spend the time going through and do your little enhancement thing....  Right?   So, there are photographers who are solid filter users and some who would rather do it in the computer.  Let us just say that it can go both ways in today's world. 

Well, I have found this great article that shows what filters can do for your photography.  Look through this, and see if this can help.  I had at one time about 25 filters in my arsenal.  Ready to do almost anything.  So, try it, you might like it.

Think photography filters are a thing of the past? Think again! Just because you can edit in Photoshop your photos doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some tweaks in-camera. This handy infographic from Zippi shows you how to use photo filters effectively to improve your images and get the results you want:
photography filters cheat sheet
The Photography Filters Cheat Sheet (Via Zippi. Click image to see full size.)
Not only can filters make your photos look better, they can save you time in post-processing, too!

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