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SEPT. 29TH, 2016

This week's "Photos of the Week" are absolutely amazing.  I have searched the internet all week for these, and found them in several places.  I hope you enjoy seeing real photos from the best photographers in the world.  Here they are, and please share these with your friends and family:

When I look at this, it reminds me that I don't want to be in water during a lightning storm.  This is a great example of how these big thunderstorms roll in. Sometimes you see them, but you are just not in the right place to photograph them, or catch the light and composition just right to catch this type of amazing photo.  But, this photographer did.  Congratulations to:
PHOTO TAKEN BY:  Karim Bechara.  And the photo is simply titled:  "Lightning".


This is just a rare chance to capture this photo like this.  And I like the comments by the photographer:
Such a rare chance for ten thousand years at the same time I get to see when all the planets in the same line. 
Congratulations to the photographer:  Vishal Agarwal


Oh, I love a well composed photo.  The subject off center, the beautiful sunset, the ocean.  Just makes me want to be there.  This is located in Nervi, Near Genova, Italy.  Thanks this time to a newly discovered photographer:  LINO CANNIZZARO.  Your work is amazing, and you have won the "Photo of the Week", along with these other great photographers.


Now the only way to catch such a photo is to certainly be at the right place at the right time.  This was displayed on the website:  "FASCINATING PLACES IN THE WORLD".  Not really sure who was the actual photographer, but several names are listed.  So, I will post them all as they may have all been contributors.  It is titled:  "Solar eclipse in Paris".  And the names listed as contributors to the photo are:  Graciela Gonzalez Santos, Eva Jovita Canaveras and Armin Afshar.  So, Congratulations to the photographer(s), and thanks for this incredible photo.


Now this photo would certainly be so amazing if it was real.  And it is real to a point.  In the photography world, a great deal of work has to be done on a computer and there is some real great talent from people who can go on to their computer and create images from a conglomeration of images to create the final image, like this.  The amount of time it would take to do this particular photo can only be mind-boggling.  Anyone who has played around with Photoshop and Lightroom realize that this is not done overnight.  I can see the photographer taking days, weeks, maybe months to create this photo.  So, that is why this photo just has to be in the "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK".  Just because of the time commitment to produce this photo.  So, congratulations to:  TRACY WILLIS, WHO ALSO POSTED THIS IN THE GROUP:  PHOTOSHOP AND LIGHTROOM.  Her comments after she posted this:   One of the hardest and most time consuming images I've created (using Lightroom and photoshop).
Congratulations Tracy.

This portrait of the week was just well thought out.  I love when you get a great looking person, and have them do something other than just sit there.  This model was asked to blow glitter out of their hands to create this effect, and it worked really well.  Congratulations to :  SAFIN PAGE who took the time and created such a beautiful portrait.  And looking at all the portraits I have looked at in the last week, this one wins them all.  And Black and White as well.  Just goes to show you that Black and White photos is not a dead art.  This is an amazing photo.  Congratulations Safin !  You certainly deserve the recognition for producing such a great photo.


Congratulations to this week's winners.  Your photography skills should be shared.  This is the one place where photos of professional and amateur photographers photos can be shown and be winners.  From all over the world, and now posted to many different social media links, to be shared to inspire other photographers.  My goal is that we can all learn from your skills.  Thank you so much.  Please share these winning photos with your friends and family so all can enjoy.

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