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Photos of the Week
August 18th, 2016

Here we are for another week of the most incredible round of "Photos of the Week".  This takes hours to put this together, finding them, comparing them with others to see if they are the best, checking composition and winning characteristics.  These photos all have met the demands of this "Photos of the Week" program.  This is the largest blog, as far as viewership that I do.  So, congratulations to these photographers, and I hope this helps in people discovering what great artists you are.  So, here we go with this week's great photos:

I love photos that use composition rules correctly.  The rule of thirds makes this photos so great.  And the subject material is good too.  And the photographer is just at the right place at the right time.  So many times, that is what it takes.  And if you don't have your camera with you, you will miss great photos like this. 
Photo by:  Nguyen Hoang Nam..... and titled:  "  Going Home".

Every week we are highlighting a "portrait of the week" and this one is the winner this week.  What a wonderful picture and shows the character of these two boys.  And the kitten is cute too, which makes it even better.  A great composed portrait and worthy to be in "Photos of the Week".
Photo by:  Jorge Bacelar  as posted on Murtosa Tube — with Jorge Bacelar.

What a great photo at the Olympics ! Now if you have ever taken any serious sports photo, you know that this type of photo is not that easy.  The picture is amazing and capturing this shot at this exact moment took some real talent.  Congratulations to the photographer who captured this rare moment.
Photo by:  Joe McNally photography
From Rio 2016 Olympic games
an outstanding shot that has reached many houses
a breathtaking shot by
Joe McNally Photography

Well this photo certainly goes down as a great action photo.  You just have to wonder what really happens in the end.  But, we will never know, but, the response of the cowboy is great too.  So much energy in this photo certainly makes this a winning photo this week.
Photo by Joseph Tam.

This photo has been chosen to be a winning photo at another photo site.  Just goes to show you that I look all over for winning photos.  But I love the whole story to this photo.  How do you capture lightning while taking pictures of someone walking down a path like that?  Well, maybe you photoshop it, who knows.  It still makes a great picture.  So congratulations to this winner as well.

Photo taken by:  Bettina0694 from the site:  Kings Hubs or Kings meteo

Sometimes long exposure photography captures things that the human eye just misses.  I love how this fireworks or "sparklers"  emits their spray of fire and you can see it bouncing on the ground.  This was chosen because it is just a fascinating photo, almost black and white, but, you know it was just taken at night.  A fountain of joy in this interesting photo.

Photo taken by:  Samuli Keskitalo Photography


Congratulations to the winners this week.  Some fantastic photos.  Some very different photos as well.  You know there is some other wonderful world events going on besides the Olympics, and tomorrow, on my Special Edition blog, I will show some photos from another great event going on in the world right now..... so don't miss tomorrows blog as well. 

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