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Photos of the Week:
July 7th, 2016

This week's photos come from all over the world, from all types of photographers, and talents.  Let's look at what has won this week's award:

Sometimes an award goes to a photographer who finds the normal, not so normal.  A place so remote that hardly anyone would notice it, especially if you look...... straight up.

Photo by Christopher K. Eaton.

“Reaching for the Stars” ::: Deep within the hoodoo walls of the amphitheater below Sunset Point of Bryce Canyon National Park, the Navajo Loop Trail passes through a small “grove” of Ponderosa Pines (Pinus ponderosa) that are reaching for the sky through the narrow passage. Bryce Canyon National Park’s main attraction is the amphitheater full of hoodoos and other formations eroded out of the Cla...ron Formation, the deposition of lake sediments about 60 million years ago when the region was much lower in elevation and later uplifted as part of the Colorado Plateau, which is now a landscape of erosion.

©2015 Christopher K. Eaton / Pinyon Ridge Photography

We all love to see the ultimate in contrast.  Contrast is not just mere black and white, but the story can tell us of contrast.  The contrast of harsh reality when it meets with life sustaining water.  And this photo represents that harsh reality, caught wonderfully by:

Things aren't always what they appear.  You have to look closely at this picture so you are not deceived, but, this is certainly humorous.  This is a winning photo because it just catches everyones interest so well.
Simply titled:  "oh Well" 
Taken by:  Annet Buwalda

Once in a while, a black and white photo makes the "Photos of the Week".  And in this case it is obvious why.  the contrast and the composition of this photos is so incredible, color did not matter in this case.  This is a case of just an amazing photo.  All of the rules of composition are used here to create one of the most amazing photos we have had on display here.
Photo taken by:  Recep Keser

Once in a while in a home far away, a little girl needed her best friend to play with.  And her best friend loved to play with her too. "Come on! Eat it. I promise I won't tell mom!"   And of course in the same room was the photographer who caught the two playing so cute together, and captured an amazing photo.  And thus, we have a great "Photo of the Week".

Photo taken by:  But  Natural Photography

( I don't know how many people looking at this photo won't go:   Ahhhhhh)

All photographers should take a look at this.  I took a look at this and said:  "How did he do this"?  To get the sunshine straight into the photo and still get a good exposure in the foreground?  Pure genius, or a good spot meter, or whatever, there is to make it work so good.  I have made several guesses, and they could all work, but, that is a great photo.  And it deserves the Photo of the Week. 

Daybreak - Canavarel
by:  Steve Falletti  ‎Portfolio of Global Photographers


That is this week's Photos of the Week.  Incredible Photos from all over the world.  Collected from individual photographers who show their work on websites and other sources of media.  I want to congratulate these photographers, and hope this exposure (no pun intended) will help promote their name even more.  Congratulations. 

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