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How many photos do you really see in black and white anymore?  Is it a dying art?  Or is it becoming more popular than ever?   Well, I have been watching this art of black and white very carefully and if I was a betting man, I would say that black and white photography is gaining popularity throughout the world.  There are more and more Facebook groups that have started up doing black and white, and the photos in those groups are incredible.  I, too, am part of some of these groups.  I have not submitted any personally to these groups, but, carefully watch the photos that are being submitted.  And I think that there are some great, great photos. 

So, with that in mind, I have taken the liberty to post these photos here for this SPECIAL EDITION on BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOTGRAPHY!  Now, I will admit, there are hundreds to choose from, and I know I will leave some real good ones out.  I try to keep this blog to about 20 photos.  I will tell you my criteria in picking photos for this blog.  I am looking for good contrast, interesting subject, well composed using the rules of composition (unless it is one of those photos that the rules are meant to be broken), and even thought provoking.  Take a look at the photo at the top.  Yes, it's zebras, and they are black and white, but, the whole photos is done right.  So, that is what I am looking for.  I want to post this blog to those groups doing black and white and give those photographers credit as well.  Their artistic talents deserve to be recognized.  And in so doing, I will be promoting these black and white groups as well.  So, enjoy this sweet gallery of great black and white photos. 


Note:  What a perfect pose of a bridal group.  Charming, and beautiful, and the contrast:  perfect.
Photo taken by: Rei Ueno

Note:  two things I really like about this black and white portrait:  1- the contrast is perfect.  2-  I like the
the photographers unique signature.  Good job.
Photo taken by:  Giacomo Gardea

Note:  Love the leading lines in this wonderful night photo shot. 
Taken by Ulf Henke Photography of Paris France

Note:  What drew me to this photo was, besides the great contrast in the photo, was the great use
of shutter speeds.  Catching the water drops frozen in mid-air, made this for an amazing shot.
Photo taken by:  Robert Tyson

Note:  if you can enlarge this on a computer screen, not your phone, it is an amazing shot.  The perfect shutter
speed catches some people perfectly sharp, some people blurred out in this huge crowd. 
Simply titled:  "People from Florence".  Photo taken by:  Massimo Macherelli Photography

Note:  This seems like such a simple photo.  But, that, to me is what makes it so good.  A well posed
photo, with good contrast, strong contrast in fact, and something you could hang on the wall.
  Simply titled:  "In spite of Everything"  -  Photo taken by:  Cristina Masoni

Note:  Composition good, subject highlighted so well.  What is not to like?
Photo taken by:  Sankar Mridha

Note:  Love the contrast in this bright photo.  You know, the car is the subject of course, but,
your eye is drawn to the background for sure.  A mesmerizing photo in a way.  Keeps your interest
alive.  Great job. 
Titled:  "My next car" - Photo taken by:  Howard Rollinson

Note:  I love a portrait of an artist in action.  This is a real good black and white portrait, with
perfect contrast.  Fantastic job.
Taken near Liverpool, United Kingdom by:  Graham Hazeldon

haven't posted anything here in a while. Photographed this young lady at a local cemetery. very interesting set... this one lent itself to b&w quite well...
Photo taken by Steve Nilsen Photography

Note:  Street photography is very popular in black and white. 
This is simply titled:  "Mom and Child"
Taken by:  Max Samson

Note:  Only the brave dare do this, and get away with it.  But, for anyone that has done
black and white for a long time, should recognize that you can classify this "sepia toned" photo
in the black and white category.  Back in the old days, they were all this color, not true black and white, and in most cases, made the photos look a little more colorful.  I like it a lot.
Photo taken by Lawrence Henley photography

Note:  also, not a true black and white photo, but, in this photo, the off color black and white
photo tint gives this an mysterious feeling to an old building, with tombstones around it.  I ask:  "where do you find such a place"?  That is an incredible shot.
Photo taken by:  Philip Sissons / Philip's Images

Note:  This is a study in contrast, I think.  Here you have it all.  Black, white, grey.  And
composition is perfect:  leading lines.... is this the perfect photo?  Could be !
Photo taken by:  Tmc Tmc

Note:  I think this is something you can only do in black and white, because this is a study
in shadows.  The subject is good, but, the use of the shadows is amazing.  Great job.
Photo by:  Viacheslav Zavaliy

Note:  by the photos I am posting, don't you find it amazing that how many great portraits
turn out in black and white?  People really do turn out well in black and white.
This one is titled:  "Glasses"  by:  Florian Böcking

Note:  Don't see too many panorama shots, but, this one is amazing.  The sky has great
contrast in the clouds, and the light fog in the scenery.  Wow, this one is fantastic.
Titled:  "Sunrise in Williamstown, Massachusetts"
Photo taken by:  Chip Joffe-Halpern

Note:  Happy children always make a great picture.   Even if the children appear to be from
some poor 3rd world country, it doesn't matter, they are happy.
Photo taken by:  Anis Sczenki

Note:  Once again, a great portrait, and a great subject, always makes
a perfect photo. 
Photo taken by:  Terry Smith

Note:  I have seen a few photographers do this to their photos:  give it a rough edge to the photo. 
Kind of give it a "Old photo, found in the shoe box" kind of feeling. I really like it, but, I think
it has to go with the right kind of photo, and that certainly applies here.  Kind of humorous, as
well as street photo as well, but, maybe more out camping street photography, if there is
such a thing.  Kind of unique for sure.
Photo taken by Wink and Blink Photography and Greg Buck


Well, that's it for this special edition.  Now I want to give credit to the groups that provide this collection of great black and white photos.
From Facebook, these groups are:
*  Black and White World
*  Black and White Corner
*  Life in Black and White

Congratulations to the photographers who's photos have made this gallery of fine black and white photos.  I know there are many other great photographers in each of these 3 groups, but, I am limited to time and space, but, let it be known, that you also should keep taking great black and white photos, and we will do this again in the future, and perhaps, after looking at these photos, you may learn at what I will be looking for in the future posts. 

Thank you very much for your support in this Special Edition.  And remember: PLEASE SHARE !

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