Thursday, June 23, 2016

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A "FIRE TORNADO"? - Photos of the Week 6/23/2016


This week's photos have some very interesting ideas that are masterpieces in photography:
1- A fire tornado
2- A beautiful way to do portraits
3- Catch children doing things for each other
4- What?  Can black and White be a winner.  Oh yeah! 
5- One of the most amazing forests in the world:  Bamboo !
6-  What can a wide angle lens do for you?  Try it with a duck!
"Fire Tornado"  documented at Mt. Conner in the Outback, Australia by:  Christangey

A beautiful new way to do a portrait:  Done by Surabhi Gupta Photo Art

"Brothers"  by Michael Zhang in Tibet

"Thunder" by Awphotales

The Kyoto Arashiyama Sagano Bamboo Forest by Kenj Ooi

"Curious"  By Annet Buwalda


That is this week's "Photos of the Week" Winners.  Remember that I search through photographers sites to find these.  These are amazing photos and deserve to be shared among other photographers like you.  Congratulations to these photographers, and hope you will enjoy the publicity a little.  Thanks for your talent, and for us to learn from.

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